Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery

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This situation is taking place all over the nation, it has become a significant problem in the United State and in the larger global community. One out of 45 families will be affected by this situation. Human trafficking is growing rapidly by the years, snatching children always from family causing heartbreaks among family member. This hidden culture involves commercial sex, forced labor, forced marriage and forced organ removal. 80% of the trafficked individual are women, teenage girls, children and even babies, 50% out of the 80% are minor. This paper will talk about this culture’s value, cultural context, history, sex and gender roles, and acculturation. While reading this paper you will be able to find out more about this hidden culture and how long this has been happening you will also find how its represented in the US, what are some of its artistic values, and how religion is involved in this culture. Keywords: human trafficking, child slavery, sex slavery, forced labor, Human Trafficking/ Sex Slavery

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What are human trafficking and sex slavery?

It is more like a modern day slavery, it includes forced labor also forced prostitution and sexual exploitation to agricultural labor, industrial labor and child labor (Patricia Yong P.2). After, weapons and drug dealing this is known as the third largest crime in the world. It is a crime that affects the people across the nation, affecting racial, social, ethnic and economic background. In the United States any minor under the age of 18, and has been forced to engage in any sexual commercial act, they are considered an automatic victim of sex trafficking under the law. Here in the United State, it is believed to have an estimate that there are 4.5 million victims of sex trafficking, it’s may sound sad but true. Hence, human trafficking is growing maliciously destroying the world, and robbing the innocence of the youth, and expanding criminal gang activity.


During 1200- 1600, slavery had already existed, and it was a common form of an everyday life around the world. However, in the 1700 human trafficking for a sexual purpose was first legally recognized by the term “white slavery”. White slavery is obtaining a woman or girl by use of force, drugs, or dishonesty for sex, which is unwanted by the women or girl. The United State followed Great Britain’s example by passing a law that made the transatlantic slave trade illegal which makes the slave trade a crime that was punished by death. By 1900 young women were and still are being used for sex, meanwhile, young boys were forced labor for either no or little pay. Forced labor and sexual exploitation were at it’s highest peak during the1900’s. By 1995, the United Nation held a fourth world conference to address this issue about trafficking women. In 2011, President Obama declared that the month of January should be human trafficking awareness. (Patricia Yong).


These young girls/boys get manipulated and used, get filled with lies telling them that they will have a better life, and give their families better opportunities. According to Patricia Yong, Traffickers exploit these types of situations and trick these individuals into believing that they will sponsor them to get a well-paying job somewhere abroad. Most of these “Sponsors” are in big debt or live in poverty, so they sell to get out of debt, to the higher person in the pyramid. When the victim arrives at the destination they start to realize that they are not given the work that they were promised but, instead they are forced to work in conditions that they did not agree to do. Sponsor take away the victims passport and any other identification so that official like a police officer would not be able to help them. These individual are told that they must work until they pay back their debt. “They can also be sold to various different people; they are subject to extreme violence and, inhumane living conditions because of their lack of freedom” (Patricia Yong P.2). Represented in the US It is represented in the US through media and social coverage.

According to Rachel Austin and Amy Farrell, “the US media began addressing the problem of human trafficking following a congressional hearing that led to a passage of the TVPA in 2000”. Now the coverage on this has increased since 2000. Human trafficking became sensational in the United States media, it also became a hit in the movie production and documentaries. Individualistic/Collective This culture is collective; collectivism is the idea that an individual’s life doesn’t belong to themselves rather than to society or a group on which they are merely part of or in other words not told that they are part of, this means they have no right, no say, and no freedom one must sacrifice it values and goal for the group. How this ties in with human trafficking and sex slavery is due to the fact that these human beings have no say and no freedom once they are captured they have to do the greater good for their “group”.

Artistic This culture has many different artistic views on this, which the author would address to one by one. this artwork is a young child that has makeup all over her face and the side of her cheek she has a barcode on. This represents that this young child is being sold to horrible human being for that particular reason for child prostitution, this child was either kidnaped or forced. Taken featuring Liam Neeson, this movie is very graphic this show exactly how human trafficking and sex slavery is done, these American young ladies go to Paris, and outside of the airport there is a guy inviting them to a party he gets the address and to “pick them up”. The young men hand the address to criminals so they can go to the lady hotel suit and kidnap them, after they’re kidnap they travel to another place and they are blindfold they get sold to someone else and they force them to take drugs and prostitute if it wasn’t for the young lady dad she would have never been seen anymore because they move very quickly.

This movie takes palace in India, it’s about a 14 young girl wanting to get a job to help out her mother and her disable father, as she is walking down the path to go to school she meets with this lady that they call Madam and offers her a job telling her that she will be able to give her family a better life, as she decided to leave with the Madam, she finds out that everything is a lie and she needs to sell her body to whomever Madam want her to sleep with. “You need to respect your master” that what Madam would tell her. Until an American woman decides to help her and many more escape from the nightmare they are going through.

According to Indian Journal of health “Human trafficking for labor and or sexual exploitation is a serious problem in India” not only that but among those trafficked, children in particular, young girls are increasingly at risk compare to adult women. In India, a child under 18 goes missing every eight minutes (Indian Journal; Shah, 2012). These artistic views can give a clear image on what these young children and women go through when they are being forced to do what they don’t want to do some of them get beaten for refusing to do what they are told to like in the movie Sold and Taken. Values This culture run on a big business, and one of their main value is money, they make money an idol. By being a human trafficker you make $150 billion a year that a big profit. Money varies by what they sell. They receive $99 billion from commercial sexual exploitation (sex slavery).


The human trafficker religion is money just as their values, some human trafficking victim’s religion may be Christian but overall it’s very diverse for them since this happens worldwide. How religion may get involved is a rescue there is an article speaking on how nuns go undercover as prostitutes to rescue human trafficking victims. One of the networks is called “Talitha Kum” which means ‘Arise child’ in Aramaic has over 1100 religious sister and work in 80 countries to combat the global situation of human trafficking and slavery. According to Arushi Kapoor “Talitha Kum claims that one percent of the world’s population, which is about 73 million people, fall prey to human trafficking, and they’re doing whatever it takes to solve this grave problem.” Apart from posing as a sex worker and rescuing trafficking victim, the group has been actively saving children sold in Africa, Brazil, India, and the Philippines.


Sex and gender role in this culture are mainly teenage girls and boy, women, and mainly children from babies all the way to 12-year-old, the reason why they’re mainly children is that a child is easy to manipulate and easy to convince. They are the weakest, and that why the trafficker normally the first to get capture. They also get young girls and women especially virgins, because the buyer would pay more for a virgin. Boys are rarely spotted in this culture and if the are captured it’s for labor. Also the trafficker may use boys to trap the victim, they would get a handsome boy to distract the teenage girl, take the girl out on a “date” pour drugs on her drink and kidnap her, or what could also happen is they get a valid address from the girl and kidnap them as well just like the movie Taken.


This culture is currently happening, if these victims manage to escape or ever get saved, adapting back to the culture and to society its very difficult, because these girls and women went through so much and opening up to society again it a new thing for them, these girls will go through depression, suicidal thoughts and many more, they will need to learn how to trust again, to not be afraid. They would try to find their family again some of these girls don’t even make it to freedom. Kaylor study found the following “The mental health needs of survivors of sex trafficking are among the most complex of crime victims, they often benefit from a multidisciplinary approach to address severe trauma, medical needs, immigration and legal issues, financial problems, safety concerns, shelter, and other basic needs, and re-integration with their families of origin or acculturate to the host country.”


This culture has expanded by the years, human trafficking is growing maliciously destroying the world, and robbing the innocence of the youth, and expanding criminal gang activity, and day after day more children and women are disappearing, and are sold to monsters. Most of these children or women never get to see their family again, and half end up dying because of depression, and anxiety. This will cause them a hard time to adapt back to society. Human trafficking is not just sex slavery, people can be trafficked for many different forms of exploitation such as forced prostitution, forced labor, forced begging, forced criminality, domestic servitude, forced marriage, and forced organ removal.

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