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Human Trafficking of Young Women

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Problem: Human trafficking of young women. The social problem comprises of human trafficking of young women who are cast-off for individual benefits which needs to be addressed. A social problem is when an issue is formulated in individual’s lives that its effects have an influence on a micro and macro level. In this example where the problem, human trafficking of young women, affects the individual and the community that it is involved in. From this problem other issues arise such as prostitution, abuse and rape of the young women. Indicating a failing society.

The problem on two levels

On a Micro level it would involve young women who are human trafficking in Africa e.g. young women who return home after work who are followed by men to abduct them as they often cannot defend themselves. According to Coulter et al. (2008:10) young women are abducted to be used as female fighters in Mozambique. These women do not resist being abducted, instead use this as a survival strategy to escape domestic violence (Couler et al., 2008:10). Young women are lured into being victims of human trafficking by being promised education, jobs and protection from domestic abuse that does not materialise (Adepoju, 2005:78).

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Adepoju (2005:75) states that young women and children from rural areas are brought to Lome in order to work as domestic servants and as commercial sex workers. Human trafficking of the young women involves the work of individuals within criminal activities and individuals associated with third parties (Adepoju, 2005:75). Human trafficking is conducted mostly in Africa as the young women are easy to abduct from their troublesome households (Adepoju, 2005:79). When the young women arrived at their destinations, they are locked up without any food or water while being abused by their hosts (Adepoju, 2005:79). This indicates that this social problem of young women being abducted is not just for taking the women away but for also being used for other reasons creating a greater problem.

On a Higher level (meso or macro level) it would be that young women are abducted all over the world by different individuals to be used in a larger scheme for individual gain. Adepoju (2005:78) addresses the phenomenon that women are abducted and forced to work as prostitutes in foreign countries. This includes women from Africa who are sent to countries such as the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Italy (Adepoju, 2005:78). Syndicates gather all the necessary travel documents for the women and then organize brothels for them to be assigned to (Adepoju, 2005:78). The syndicates do this so that they get to avoid the employment recruitment regulations within the different countries (Adepoju, 2005:78).

In the Kyrgyz village women are abducted to be forced into marriages (Kleinbach et al., 2005:191). These women are forced into a room and have to come out wearing the ‘marriage’ scarf, if they fail to do so they will have to stay in the room and may be raped overnight making them no longer pure (Kleinbach et al., 2005:191). It is evident that many countries cannot control prevention methods of human trafficking of young women as they do not have the necessary resources to prevent this phenomenon (Adepoju, 2005:76). The general public are not well informed about this phenomenon (Adepoju, 2005:76).

Possible client on micro or higher level

On a micro level the client would consist of the individuals who are women in the community who are victims to human trafficking. The community would need to be looked into as women are important to ensure functioning within that community. The women are the ones who experience all the traumatic events and do not know how to deal with the problem they are faced with. Many remain silent to ensure that they survive and just conform to what they are told to do.

On a higher (meso or macro) level the client would be the Governments of the different countries who need to resolve this phenomenon. The Governments can provide, use or create the necessary means with their resources to address this social problem. If the government try to resolve this issue it would ensure order in society.

Type of help that may be requested of a clinical sociologist.

On a micro level the request of a clinical sociologist would be to inform the community, to be aware or alert of what human trafficking is and investigate what necessary programmes the community should engage in. This could consist of self-defence classes for women and restoring the relationship with the government to ensure their safety.

On a Higher level (meso or macro) the government of the different countries would like to launch an investigation into the factors contributing to the phenomenon of human trafficking of young women in their by doing so reduce human trafficking and make the phenomenon more well-known among the community. Institutions will need to be looked into to cater for the women who are victims or may result in being a victim.


In conclusion it is evident that human trafficking of women is a major social problem in society that needs to be addressed. These women are not always aware of this social problem as they are lured into material promises that many cannot ignore. Clinical sociologists are needed in order to address this social issue on both a micro and macro level. The social problem of human trafficking is that it leads to other problems within this problem such as prostitution and abuse of young women. This needs to be addressed in order to maintain an ordered society.


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