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Human, Waste and Food

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Essence of the Question

Food is basic essential of human life. After air and water, without food we can’t stay alive. Food is indispensable source of living. The meals we devour consists of the nutrients that our bodies want to exchange worn out cells, remains healthy and continue to be strong. It is the same for every residing organism. This proves the significance of food for living. Human body need basic nutrients that we can attain from food. Now the question arises, where does the food comes from? Food comes from many different sources. It comes from sunlight, air, water, animals and plants. A food is something that provides nutrients. Nutrients are resources that provide energy for activity, growth, and all features of the body such as breathing, digesting food, and keeping warm. Also materials for the increase and repair of the body, and for retaining the immune system healthy. After knowing the importance of food for living beings, alas the most of food wasted at the end of consumers. According to Food waste is a global and complex problem. Food waste occurs at every stage of the supply chain. Consumers are aware of the problems associated with food waste and are actively involved in avoiding food waste. After knowing the importance of food still consumers are wasting food mostly. This problem is getting out of hand. A country is considered food secure when all of its people at all times have physical, social and economic access to adequate, safe and wholesome food.

Food waste is a global problem and it effects sustainable development of the country. In our study we are going to identify the drivers of food waste and the interrelationship of drivers effecting food waste using Delphi and ISM technique. Delphi technique is mostly used for developing future states. The Delphi technique allows researchers to set it up rigorous roles in selecting research participants according to their professional standards experience and knowledge. It is the intention that these professionals with their knowledge identify drivers and performance indicators. The Delphi technique has been applied because it enables researchers to recruit professionals who then ‘focus their collective human intelligence on the problem.’ Along with Delphi we also use ISM. ISM is an Interactive learning process. In this technique, there is a set of directly and indirectly connected elements consist of the following comprehensive systematic model. This is how the model convert the structure of complex problems carefully designed pattern that conveys graphics as well as words and convert it into simple structure. Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM) is well established technique to identify relationships between factors which identifies the problem or issue. For complex problem under consideration, many factors can be related to questions or problems. But direct or indirect relationships among the factors describes the situation much more precisely than individual factors. So ISM gives you an insight into collective understanding. The drivers of food waste includes values, lifestyle, leftovers, attitude, age, planning, shopping routines, cultural and social norms etc.

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The plenty of the food accessible at low prices in high income countries influences the value of food and the amount of food wasted. Shortages and rising food prices will inevitably reduce food wastage in homes. Most consumers are not aware that they are wasting food and treat food waste as an inevitable fact of life. Therefore inevitable and thus acceptable.Studies show that age and gender do influence food waste. Elderly people waste less than young people. Busy lifestyle and families with children have difficulties in planning food, meals, and supplies. It is a major driver of consumer food waste. But not only Families with children do not interfere with the planning but it is a phenomenon between consumer groups. There are few consumers who make shopping list, younger less often than the elderly.People are not good at saving and eating leftovers. They make abundant food because they do not know how to serve or do not care, and because they are anxious that there will be no food or less food for the guests on any occasion. Also we are going to find the impact of cultural festive on food waste. These cultural festive include Ramadan and Eid.

Statement Of the Problem

Food waste is an overall issue. This study helps to recognize the drivers of food waste through majority rule and to explore the interrelationship between these drivers with the assistance of expert’s assessment and writing. With the assistance of experts, rank these drivers by utilizing Delphi study. With assistance of organized drivers, build up a proper structural hierarchy model utilizing ISM. Finally to order these drivers into four bunches through MICMAC.

Research Gap

There is need of finding interrelationship between drivers of food waste. According to Research on food provisioning and interrelationship between other elements of the system can provide valuable insights into other routines that may be relevant in study of food wastage. Future research is needed to take into account how the atmosphere of store influence grocery shopping, and how behaviors in home food preparation related to food waste. We therefore in this study will identify drivers of food waste and will analyze the interrelationship between the food waste drivers and will rank these drivers with help of experts and make a hierarchal model of prioritized drivers.

Objectives Of the Study

Subsequent to realizing the exploration gap now we can build up our objectives. The objectives of the study are following

  • To identify the drivers of food waste and their interrelationship through literature and experts opinion.
  • To rank those drivers through expert opinion.
  • To develop a proper structural hierarchy model of ranked drivers.
  • To classify these drivers into four clusters using MICMAC

Theoretical Framework of Study

A theoretical framework was created going before to the advancement of the research. An astute idea was coordinated before the development of the investigation. Keeping in view the investigation and Delphi study and ISM model, various factors were accompanied to develop a theoretical framework. By utilizing the Delphi method for consensus and ISM model was made by connecting various factors and see their effects and association with one another, important to this examination.

Significance of the Study

Numerous individuals experience the ill effects of craving while eatable food is getting wasted everywhere throughout the world. The aim of this study is lessening food waste and to identify drivers of food waste and to find interrelationship between food waste drivers. By utilizing Delphi method for consensus of specialists in the area and ISM strategy to make a basic model from complex issue. The information gathered from specialists is utilized to rank the drivers and by applying ISM method we will discover interrelationship between various drivers and group these drivers into four clusters utilizing MICMAC.

Structure of the Thesis

This thesis consists of five chapters and appendices. This study identify the drivers of food waste and find interrelationship of these drivers through literature and experts opinion. It consist brief introduction, research gap, objectives of the study, literature review, methodology, ranking of drivers and model development and lastly the conclusion.


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