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Hunger: a Global Issue Today

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Hunger in Africa

The problem

The problem of hunger is considered as a global issue today because many people die each year of this. Approximately 1 in 9 people e xperience chronic starvation(United Nations(UN) 2016) Food is one of the crucial components necessary for the survival of humans. According to , humans can survive for maximum of 30 or 40 days without consuming any means of feed. Therefore, food problem must be considered as a primary global issue. Another reason for choosing this topic is that this problem can occur in any country in the near future due to the rapidly increasing population across the globe.

The causes of the problem

One of the main causes of the problem taking place in African countries is poor weather conditions. Since Africa is geographically situated in tropical and subtropical zones, the weather is mostly hot in the area. For this reason frequent droughts occur, which leads to less harvest and crops. Droughts are one of the main reasons why there is a hunger in Africa(Fengler, 2011).

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Another major reason why hunger is a big concern in African countries is constant wars, conflicts and unstable situation in most of the countries. This leads to economic problems that will eventually make governments weak and harm the population and local societies.

The final cause of the famine is rapid population growth. As population increases rapidly, demand for food will be increasing at the same speed and the government is unable to ensure that all of citizens have enough food. As African population was 221 million in 1950 and experienced rapid growth reaching 1 billion in 2009. Being the top poorest continents in the world, Africa has the highest population increase rate. According to Guardian average woman in Africa will produce 5.2 children during her lifetime(as cited in, 2016 ). Th birth rates areis means that high enough to cause hunger.

The consequences

The main and major consequence of the famine is loss of lives. For instance about 1.4 million children in South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, and Yemen die each year from hunger according to the U.N. children’s agency. About 4 million people in Kenya want edible material help. Furthermore, approximately 700,000 Kenyan children under the age of 5 are starving(WorldVision, 2017). The UN Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that 233 million individuals in sub-Saharan Africa were undernourished between the period of 2014 and 2016(as cited in WorldHunger, 2016).

One of the significant consequences of hunger is how it affects the human body and organism in the short and long terms. As stated by Michael Latham(n.d), if an average adult person will half the amount of food he takes every day his weight will be reduced by approximately ¼ . Any further reduction in intake will cause the body to be more vulnerable to diseases and illnesses. The long term consequences are more harmful for children because unlike adults their organism is more dependent from nutrition. For this reason they can get physical or mental damage which affects their growth and development.



The UN Food and Agriculture Organization gauges that 233 million individuals in sub-Saharan Africa were ravenous/undernourished in 2014-6 (its latest gauge) Sub-Saharan Africa was the region with the second greatest number of hungry people, as Asia had 512 million, fundamentally due to the generously greater masses of Asia when diverged from sub-Saharan Africa.

The Africa is confronting one of the biggest nourishment emergencies of late circumstances, with 20 million individuals in four nations – Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia and Burundi – in danger of starvation. The number will ascend by a further 10 million if no move is made.

Starvation has been contained in South Sudan, yet hunger has kept on spreading. The quantity of individuals in danger of starvation expanded by 40% amongst February and June 2017, as per the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization.


In 2016, the quantity of constantly undernourished individuals achieved 815 million, up 38 million from the earlier year.

Despite the fact that Africa is displayed through numerous mediums as the focal point of world craving, Asia has dependably had more ravenous individuals, and more malnourished kids, in vast part since Asia has such a large number of more individuals. Eastern Asia has 511.7 million citizens who are starving, whereas Southern Asia has 281.4 million people.

South Asia is bearing an undeniably bigger offer of the aggregate of the world’s eager individuals.

In 1992 this area represented 28.8% of the world’s ravenous individuals, in any case, in 2014 this had ascended to 35.4%. In South Asia, 32% of all kids are respectably or seriously underweight, contrasted with 21% in Sub-Saharan Africa, which has the second most astounding worldwide rate.

In third place on account of a lot of hungry people has Latin America: the quantity of individuals who are eager surpassed around 34.3 million individuals in 2016.


According to WorldHunger, Africa collides important environment problems, containing erosion , desertification, deforestation, and drought which has grown poverty and famine by lowering agricultural and people’s earnings. Many of those problems have been caused by humans; the surroundings can be said to be overexploited; deforestation, for instance has been reasoned by human seeking new places to live and farm. Drought and desertification in Africa all decreased agricultural output.

Looking at the problem using economic lens we can assume that economy of the country is a major thing that corresponds to the famine. Most of the African countries have unstable economy, consequently their budget is not enough to afford agriculture and food growth. This leads to food shortages.

Considering the problem of hunger from scientific and technological lens, it is clear that the country which technology are developed can create Genetically modified products which reduces spent money and can contribute to solution of the problem.


In conclusion, hunger is one of the main problems which is being encountered by many, usually poor countries nowadays. This problem is caused by economic and climatic conditions and there are devastating consequences affecting health and overall well-being. It can be seen using economic, environmental and scientific lenses. Our personal perspective is the hunger is currently not a direct problem for us. However, we need to solve this issue in the other countries in the world, specifically in Africa. Our personal perspective towards chosen issue changed since the beginning. We initially thought that hunger is now not a big problem. Nevertheless, this was changed and we now think that this problem is fairly large and one of the most actual ones.


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