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Hunger in the United States

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Hunger and poverty are familiar terms yet so powerful at the same time. Everyone knows what they mean, yet, those same words conjure different views for everyone. There are many general definitions of poverty, development, and hunger. Many interpret things differently than others, the way I see something someone else can’t comprehend. Poverty is interpreted as a condition by which one cannot support themselves or their families. Don’t have the means to supply their basic needs because one doesn’t earn enough. Hunger is the lack of food causing discomfort because you don’t have enough funds which is similar to poverty in a sense. Development is more so a process that ensures a good quality of life in terms of happiness, harmony, and satisfaction of basic needs. When considering the issue of development, it’s also important to realize that it reflects a certain set of social values as well as political values. Naturally, hunger can be viewed as the leading cause of poverty in a way that causes health issues. This hunger can lead to poverty to a greater extent by decreasing people’s ability to work. Therefore, we can conclude hunger contributes to poverty.

Climate change is another factor that contributes to the epidemic we call hunger and poverty as global warming is increasing at a fast pace. As a result of climate change, drought in the world is increasing every day. Flooding and other instances are key issues regarding poverty and hunger. Poor methods of farming, war, drought, and other reasons are the primary cause of hunger, poverty, hunger, and development. How do poverty and hunger correlate? Poverty and hunger go hand and hand. When you come to terms with the two poverty is the main cause of hunger. When people don’t have enough money they can’t afford to support themselves let alone others. Poverty is the main cause of hunger when people do not have money they can not afford to support themselves. Although hunger is caused by many factors, the main reason is linked to poverty. The poorest populations rely on farming, hunting, and gathering to eat and survive. They often gather enough food to last through the following season and ultimately leading to insufficient food to rely on in case of a poor harvest. Climate events like flooding, severe storms, and drought leave millions of the world’s most vulnerable populations facing global hunger. Because these citizens rely on the land for their food and livelihoods, both their ability to feed themselves and their ability to provide financial security for their family is threatened when crops and livestock are decimated. In 2016, ongoing droughts in countries led to their worst crop failure, leaving 4 million people in need of assistance. Now in 2019, ongoing torrential rains across southeast Africa affected more than 922,000 Malawians.

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The main problems that afflict the poor are hunger, malnutrition, and disease. Those living in poverty don’t have access to health and other services. In today’s world poverty is measured upon income along with food, utilities, clothes, and shelter. Half the population of children’s deaths under the age of five is caused by malnutrition. The fragile bodies can’t resist infections because the immune system is weak, and they don’t have proper medical assistance. Especially in hot countries that are active. Deprivation of nourishment has dramatic results for the body, especially for children’s bodies. It results in fatigue, weight loss, and other traumatic diseases. Poverty can cause permanent damage, both physically and mentally. A lack of essentials can stop their growth, cause them to slip in school, and lead to health issues as I mentioned before. It also affects their roles within their families, communities, and society as a whole. Poverty denies children their human rights, did you know that? This leads to deprivation, and it becomes difficult to break without assistance. In the years extending from 2006 to 2010, poverty in children increased from 17 to 22 percent in children under 18. In 2014 it increased to 21 percent, change in income could have contributed to it.

Today, risk factors for health issues are associated with the lack of nutrients and proper diets are the main causes of diseases and infections. Improper diets lack key vitamins, minerals, etc. “By 2015, six of the top 11 global risk factors were related to diet, including undernutrition, body mass index extremely high, and high cholesterol. Where governments have invested the economic gains derived from rising productivity in safety nets and services accessible to the poor, this has resulted in national growth. However, where poverty persists, including in rich nations, hunger also persists.”(Peterson, 2015, 56). Despite decades of progress trying to minimize hunger and poverty people are still going to bed hungry every night — that’s more than 820 million who don’t have the adequate food they need to have a decent living and healthy life. People who live in poverty generally spend the majority of their income on food, which initially forces them to prioritize feeding their families over meeting other basic needs. Such as sending their children to school etc. Children still need to attend school but without the proper diet, the brain won’t properly function. If an emergency just so happens, meals might get skipped just to cope financially and the cycle continues.

Middle Ages to current times, humanity has experienced periods of food drought due to wars, weather, politics, etc. At the beginning of the 21st century, hunger and poverty still scare over 20 million people across the world. The current flood of hunger and poverty is better understood as a larger socio-economic and political process. (Davis, 2012,p.2) Development plays a role in finding solutions to minimize the circumstance which leads to eventually ending poverty and hunger. By developing solutions to figure out as a whole how we can find solutions to this epidemic in Third world countries. Donating food plays a big role as well. One way to tackle world hunger is to put more food collection drives together. Even something small can make a huge difference in somebody’s life. Building rooftop/indoor farms in the middle of cities could help solve the world’s hunger problem. Vertical farming could potentially feed up to 10 billion people and make agriculture independent of the weather and also the need for land. Another way to fight poverty and hunger is to encourage foreign nations to be more active and involved in providing food and shelter for families and children in poor areas.

Food is very essential to all human being’s welfare: it provides the body with the proper nutrients, brings communities together, and potentially lifts them out of poverty. Many are trapped in a cycle of hunger beyond their control, like living in poverty, diseases, and inequality.

Developmental ways are to help communities develop plans and skills to manage resources and improve crop production. Also, partner up with women to support women’s independence to support their families. Women are the sole caretakers so providing for their families is a must even if they don’t eat themselves. Providing resources and skills needed to utilize the clean water, and to have a nutritious diet.  


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