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Background According to the department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), in 2016 emissions contributed by the transport sector rose by 2%. The article further states that transport had the most inferior performance in its reduction of emissions. This includes the transport division of aviation. According to Masiol and Harrison(2014), in 2012 alone, 5.7 billion passengers traversed over 159 countries via 1598 airports, creating 79 million aeroplane journeys. 

The growth of aviation has expanded exponentially, with a global advancement of 5% a year (ibid). Thus, the emission input from planes has increased; with aviation having the largest carbon intensity compared to other modes of transport. Mouawad and Davenport (2015) report that the pollution intensity of aviation will increase by 70% by 2020. Problem With the ever-growing advancement of aviation, the problem arises as to how to combat the rising emissions in an attempt to reduce greenhouse gases and postpone the onset of climate change for future generations. Solution Fulton highlights the need to tackle worldwide energy challenges using biofuel and states that without it, it will be hard to establish low carbon emissions. 

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However, the article also acknowledges the absence of unanimity regarding biofuels. Furthermore, a more feasible solution would be to change the engine. Converting to a turboelectric or hybrid engine is one of the only viable solutions to change the emission status of jets at present. Using aerodynamically optimised electric motors in combination with turbines can gain up to a 33% fuel efficiency output. Using boundary layer propulsion, according to Sci news, greater thrust and less drag are produced. 

This results in engines that do not need to generate as much power and thus can weigh less, reducing the amount of fuel needed. The engine will also lower noise pollution without compromising fuel usage. Nasa and Rolls Royce are among the first to innovate and design the hybrid engine. Impact Due to the 2% cap of carbon emissions in 2020 by commercial airlines, aircrafts with hybrid engines are being manufactured and could be available by 2022.

Turboelectric engines are also being designed and produced in response to the European Commission’s Flightpath 2050 plan in order to reduce CO2 emissions by 60%. Hybrid engines also enable companies and engineers to fulfil the EU commission to reduce emissions by 2035. Evaluation Findings indicate that using turboelectric engines is a viable solution to prevent climate change. It is a longterm solution that will use less fuel and therefore be less expensive to run as the airline’s expenses does not depend on oil prices.

Thus being a solution to the finite oil problem. The ability of the aircraft to store power in a generator to be used in take-off and landing allows for even more energy to be saved. (ibid). However, it may be suggested that due to the increase of peak load, take off could be affected as a result of battery mass, the electrical system mass and airflow through the axial compressor and turbine. 

Notwithstanding, Schiltgen propose that Powered-Lift and HEDP structures can be used to rectify and enhance take-off. When tested in a plane, the hybrid engine compared with a standard engine consumed 70-72% less energy. Overall, the onset of climate change is ever present and so the use of the hybrid engine is one approach to intercede this.  

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