I Choose a Career in Law to Fight for Human Rights

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Law has been for me a field of curiosity which I have yet to explore at great depth. My interest has been sparked from the onset when I was first able to visit an open case at the Old Bailey in 2015 and discover how every detail of an event is noted and presented with sophisticated clarity. I have been to visit on several other occasions since then, highlighting how the law can affect multiple lives in an instant; consequently, I knew a career in Law meant I could make an impact in the world and see the direct consequences of my work. These interests have been further strengthened through my school years; as a Peer mediator and Prefect in which I was trained to be able to support and mediate between students who have had arguments in school; visiting student's form classes to deliver presentations.

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Being a Prefect has taught me the importance of working in a team and the need for being reliable. I took this forward in Sixth-form where I am a School Ambassador for Drama to year 7 pupils, going to their lessons to help make it as informative as possible. Due to my love of reading, I have acquired the ability to understand information more accurately and quickly. Hence, whilst studying English Literature and History, I have learnt how best to express myself creatively and as a critical thinker in essays and discussions. Psychology presents me with the need to analyse and interpret case studies whilst relating them to psychological theories, allowing me to develop my ability to consider issues from multiple viewpoints to form valid conclusions.

I had the honour of being part of the Law Society which not only provides varied information regarding law and recent case headlines, but also allows me to engage in debating sessions which challenged me to view controversial questions with no bias and develop an argument to support a position that seems unjustifiable, or which I do not directly agree with. A lecture I particularly enjoyed was on international relations which brought up the Iraq War, and Tony Blair's involvement, stating the laws and political implications of its debatable legitimacy. With more research into the topic, reading reviews of the invasion of Iraq I found the Rule of Law by Tom Bingham which gave an overview of the notion of the rule of law, its meaning and its importance on views such as equality before the law, linking to the Iraq War. Bingham concluded, 'in a world divided by differences of nationality, race, colour, religion, and wealth, it is one of the greatest unifying factors' thus captivating me to be a part of solutions to the myriad of problems facing humanity. Reading the legal section of the Times and the Economist helped me to prove Law's far-reaching hand on society, here in the UK but worldwide. A recent article I read which fascinated me was on the review of the Modern Slavery Act (2015) to address transparency in the supply chain as even the top tier companies aren't compliant to the basic requirement of the Act.

I volunteered for a two-week period with the constituent team of my local Member of Parliament's office which provided a holistic view of the lives of people around me politically and the help the government is administering daily. In addition to this, I attended the Target Oxbridge Law and Debating Summer Sessions which allowed me to learn and showcase my own knowledge in law and put the law in context with events occurring in our nation.

My ability to continuously motivate myself is a fundamental factor in my overall success as I always work to the best of my ability inside and outside the classroom. I would like to expand my knowledge of civil law including criminal law, and a chance to study both in depth would be incredibly valuable. Law will not only enable me to extend my knowledge on what the judicial system is but why it is that way, therefore, pushing me towards aspects I want to pursue such as fighting for human rights and bringing justice to our society.

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