I Chose Living a Moral Life

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I Chose Living a Moral Life

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All my life I have always strived to behave morally. This is because throughout my childhood my parents always taught me about morality. Whenever I misbehaved, my mother was always there to correct me and help me rectify my behavior. Furthermore, my father was always interested in my life and the activities I involved myself in, and whenever I went out of line, he would punish me thoroughly to deter me from repeating the mistake. Because of this keen and strict upbringing, I developed a firm adherence to morality, and this has been a part of my life for a long time. Some of the characteristics that my parents emphasized when I was growing up included honesty, integrity, fairness law-abiding, respect and concern for others just to name a few. My parents, therefore, had a considerable part to play to my moral beliefs and practices.

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Over time, I have been faced with various issues which have required me to tap into the knowledge that my parents impacted on me. When faced with difficult or challenging situations, I usually recall or think about what my parents would do when faced with a similar situation. Furthermore, I recall some of the knowledge that my parents have passed on to me, and this guides me in making a proper decision based on my moral beliefs. When I am faced with a dilemma, I usually call my parents for assistance in solving the issue, and they often advise me appropriately. The principles of morality that my parents instilled in me allow me to incorporate the proper reasoning that ensures I solve any problem.

One of the major foundations that I had, as my first school in united states was in Los Angeles, my homestay parents was Christians. My homestay parents were staunch Christians and every Sunday and Wednesday we went to church. As a result, most of my moral beliefs are motivated by the teachings I received in church. Some of the stories I learnt about Jesus and his disciples were enough to formulate moral belief that I have lived by ever since. Therefore, religion is one of the factors that influence every decision I make, and it has been an important part of my life since it governs my reactions to situations. Although there are times when I am faced with a situation that I might overreact, the teachings I received in church help me maintain my calm and deal with the situation.

Most times I can employ moral principles when making decisions regarding my life. However, it is not always easy to behave morally in situations, however; I always try my best to handle the situations I face ethically. For instance, there was a time I wanted to buy some toys, and as I was walking home from school, I picked up a wallet and inside there was a lot of money. Upon further perusal of the wallet I discovered an Identification of the owner, and although my mind was telling me to take the money and return an empty wallet to the owner, I decided to employ honesty and return everything to the owner. Therefore, although there are situations which are either tempting or extremely hard, one needs to be focused on doing the right thing, and everything becomes a little easier. Whenever I feel like I might be unable to employ moral principles in my life, I usually turn to my parents, or anybody who I know is morally upright for advice. There are times when making proper decisions becomes difficult since the situation may be too difficult for me or I might be too emotionally unbalanced to handle it. As a result, turning to friends and family for advice is how I cope with such situations since they advise me on the proper road to take and how to endure that I do not end up compromising my moral beliefs. Given this, I always managed to avoid regretting my decisions once I make since I always know I have made the best decision in all my situations.

Conflicts are an inevitable part of everyone’s life. No matter how moral one may be, they always find individuals who do not care about others and who start conflicts with them. While I was in middle school in China and I discovered that my desk mate in class had been stealing my staff anytime I would lay on my desk to get a nap. However, even though I had caught him in the act, he did not apologize but opted to fight me instead. In this scenario, though everything thought in my body was urging me to beat him and teach him a lesson, I decided to walk away and ask for changing my sitting position. Because in China, we always sit where you used to be sited and cannot sit other’s chairs. Therefore, to make the moral decision, I always analyze what is important and how my role models would behave in such a situation.

One of the ways I help others lead a moral life is by advising those around to behave in a morally upright manner. For instance, recently one of my friends came to me for advice regarding an assignment that he had. The task was due in one week, and he wanted to hire someone to do it as he went and had fun with his relatives. This was not an honest thing to do, and therefore it was a wicked deed on his part. As a result, I advised him to do the assignment on his own and miss out on the trip with his relatives since the task was more important and because that was the right thing to do. Another way that I encourage others to live morally is by living a moral life so that others can look up to me.

By living a moral life, I believe I inspire others to behave similarly and make the world a better place. With this in my mind, I will continue to act morally to ensure that my younger brothers and sisters emulate my behavior and to make my parents happy.

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