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I Have a Dream as an Alarm Throughout All History

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Four scores and seven years ago, a great man entered into a white westernised world, this man came into mankind serving a great purpose for the future of humanity. When he spoke, his words changed many hearts, he rang the bell of human equality, waiting for a Day with all-white men and African-American man, will hold hands in unity for this country. His famous speech, ‘I have a dream’ sounds an alarm throughout all history, awaking the furthest corner of the land, of the discrimination and segregation of all African-Americans, who were sinking into a torturing racial judgement just because of the colour of their skin. I come here today, because of Martin Luther King, and his Impact on the nation and for you to believe with me, that with his enlightening words using Pathos, credibility and contrast, he certainly changed the equality of all of not just America but the world.

Has Martin Luther King not changed the way our world lives today ? Has he not changed the lives of 40 million Americans? Who can finally hope for a better future for their children and for themselves? When King gave his great speech ‘I have a dream’ , 100 years had passed and the issue of his people had still not been resolved. he introduces this great concept using symbolism and Pathos when he says ‘the life of negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination’.This line stimulates our imaginations, introducing segregation and discrimination symbolically as chains and manacles that entrapped the lives of all African-Americans, just like the manacles they were once chained in . With this comparing, it also further invokes an emotional response from the audience using words like sadly and crippled. Thus, with brilliant use of symbolism and Pathos, Martin Luther King must have persuaded and change the lives of millions.

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For Justice and for freedom and for the rights of equality, comes a great power with powerful credibility. Martin Luther King is regarded as this great power, represented by his past actions of importance. When seen as a pastor, activist, humanitarian and civil rights campaigner, no one could believe him as untrusting person. As a great man, help to his purpose MLK refers back to a well respected time. When he says, and I quote ‘a great American in who symbolic shadow we stand today, signed the Emancipation proclamation ‘ . In this line, MLK is seen to relate back to the Emancipation proclamation, made possible by even more respected person Abraham Lincoln, a person that was well respected by all Americans, by relating back to Abraham Lincoln this gains America’s trust and to gain authority, this proves the effectiveness of credibility. Hence, with powerful use of persuasive appeal of ethos, MLK persuades how all Americans must be treated equally.

Contrast is certainly another technique importantly used by Martin Luther King, to differentiate between the reality and a better future. By using contrast, it allows the audience to sympathise and come to a realisation of the reality of today. MLK states his dream over this matter when he starts ‘I have a dream’ and continues with certainty ‘that my four little children will one day live in a nation, where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by their content of character’. By emphasising the reality of our world, it causes the audience to question which state is the better option, which logically the better state obviously is where people are judged by who they truly are on the inside. Therefore, with great certainty and powerful contrast, Martin Luther King effectively persuades the audience about a better future of equality.

I must now conclude, with not only his great and effective use of persuasive techniques. Of symbolism and Pathos, credibility and contrast that bought forth the most amazing result of persuasion to the audience, King dreamt of a bright future where men are not judged by there cover , but by the content of character. And where man must one day come together and agree for equality, and most importantly where African-American man will no longer fight the chains of discrimination. Well this great man got most of what he dreamt of, and will continue getting all what he dreamt of , why? Because he will continue achieving his great purpose of uniting the nations and once and for all bringing back the quality of all African Americans.


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