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The Company

Motionwear is an apparel company based out of Indianapolis, Indiana that specializes in dancewear, gymnastics leotards, and cheerleading uniforms. Within the past year, the company put their social media ambassador program on hold. The ambassador program was a way for dancers, gymnasts and cheerleaders to promote Motionwear to their followers while receiving discounts and free merchandise. Utilizing ambassadors and local dancers, gymnasts, models and cheerleaders creates better relations within the community and promotes the company to those in the Indianapolis area.

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Ambassador Program Benefits

When Motionwear utilized the ambassador program, this created better relations between the company and the customer. Ambassador hopefuls would apply and then be selected to receive free garments to wear and post on social media. This helped gain traction with potential customers that Motionwear might not have been able to reach.

After applying and being selected, girls would wear their new Motionwear leotards to dance rehearsals or to practice, based on which sport they are a part of. Other athletes would see their new leotards and learn about the company. Motionwear’s reach was much larger back when the Ambassador Program was still in place because of the athletes telling their friends and teammates about the company.

Now, Motionwear has to rely on their current customer base. While this current customer base is loyal, people want variety in their wardrobe. Customers will not just have leotards from Motionwear, they will also have leotards and apparel from other brands, too.

Photo Shoots

One thing that Motionwear does really well is utilizing local athletes for photo shoots for new catalogs. When it comes to the dance and gymnastics catalogs, the Marketing Director chooses “models” from local gyms and dance companies. After they model for the new catalog, they are given free leotards that they then wear to practice or rehearsals. When the catalogs come out, they post pictures of themselves for friends and family to see which also helps spread brand awareness.

The cheerleading catalog has small differences from the dance and gymnastics catalogs. Instead of using real cheerleaders, Motionwear uses real models from the Helen Wells Agency, which is a local talent agency that has locations in Indianapolis.

Bringing the Program Back

At least once a week a dancer or gymnast will reach out to Motionwear and ask if they can be an ambassador for the company. These girls have thousands of followers on Instagram, which is the biggest social media platform for Motionwear. Since the program is currently “on hold”, Motionwear is missing out on thousands of potential new customers.

The biggest need for Motionwear right now is to increase their cheer division sales since that is their most slacking division. Most cheerleaders do not even know that Motionwear has cheer apparel since the division is so small. By utilizing real cheerleaders for photo shoots, this will help get Motionwear’s name out there into the cheerleading world. It would also help to have cheerleaders as ambassadors so they could tell their cheerleading team and friends about the company and all of the products Motionwear has to offer.

If Motionwear brought back the ambassador program, the company would have to send free products to the ambassadors for them to wear and promote. Ideally, the business from their posts would offset the costs of sending them free apparel.

Brand Awareness in Indianapolis

Large competitors, such as Varsity Spirit, contribute to their community and have a large impact on others’ lives. One way they do this is through their partnership with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. According to Varsity Spirit’s website, they require every cheerleader that attends a Varsity Summer Camp to send out a letter to friends and family to help fundraise for St. Jude’s. Because of this, they have been able to raise over one million dollars so far to help the children of St. Jude’s.

Varsity also has another philanthropy called The Sparkle Effect, which teams up cheerleaders with disabilities and trains them, outfits them, and sustains school cheer and dance teams with other cheerleaders without disabilities. Through these philanthropies, Varsity has not only gotten their name out across the country, but they have also done something for the greater good. Currently, Motionwear makes no effort to help others in the Indianapolis community or outside of it. By partnering with a good cause or even doing occasional community service in Indianapolis, the Motionwear name can be put into Indianapolis in a positive way.

The Motionwear Cheer Designer, Jessica Greenier, thinks it is important for Motionwear to get into the community more to help with brand awareness. Another interesting take on brand awareness in Indianapolis is from a Motionwear Patternmaker, Curry Ridings. According to Ridings, she believes it would be beneficial to take part in more job fairs, internship programs and local events and charities. By going to job fairs in Indianapolis, this gets the Motionwear name out in a different way by targeting future employees instead of customers. Another way to increase brand awareness is by going to cheer, dance, and gymnastics competitions. This way, the athletes would have the Motionwear product right in front of them, making them more likely to purchase at a time of need. Rylee Gallmeyer, a gymnast who also models for Motionwear, thinks going to competitions would put the Motionwear name into the athlete’s minds. This would also help with future purchases since they have seen the name and the product.

Industry Social Environment

According to Business and Society: Ethics, Sustainability, and Stakeholder Management, a social environment focuses on demographics, lifestyle, and social values of the society (Carroll et al, 2012).. In regard to Motionwear, the social environment stays the same across the board. When it comes to dance, cheer, and gymnastics, the athletes start the sport young. Motionwear takes this in mind and focuses on a younger consumer. If these athletes stick with the sport, then their practices become more and more intense, rigorous, and time consuming. Part of Motionwear’s apparel is based off of this idea, too. Certain garments help athletes out who are too busy with their sport for anything else.

People all over have various social values, so this aspect becomes tricky for Motionwear. In order to appeal to everyone, something needs to be done about Motionwear’s contribution to society. If Motionwear were to increase their efforts to help the Indianapolis community in some way, the company could become more appealing to both current and potential new customers. Just making apparel is not enough. Motionwear has to find a way to help society as a whole.


Overall, there is a lot of room for growth for Motionwear when it comes to their relationship with the Indianapolis community. Currently, there is not much awareness that Motionwear even exists in Indianapolis. If efforts to get out into the community are increased, this could help Motionwear find that traction they are looking for. Bringing back the ambassador program will also help gaining new customers, since the industry is always adding new athletes.

One simple thing Motionwear can do is become a sponsor for a charitable event in Indianapolis, such as a 5K. By sponsoring an event, a company usually gets their logo onto a banner or a shirt. If a participant in said events walks around town wearing their shirt, then the company logo is out there in the open for anyone to see, which will gain traction. There are many small yet simple things that Motionwear can do. While small, they can have lasting effects on both the Indianapolis community and on athletes around the country.

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