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Ideas For Better Workplace Environment

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Employees within any given workplace environment need to have their rights effectively protected by a number of strategies that are put in place to ensure that employee related issues can be handled effectively. Human resources has been significantly engaged in providing a clear environment where employee issues are addressed promptly to maintain high level of commitment within organizational setting. There is need to put in place crucial measure to ensure that employee safety and needs are significantly taken into consideration creating a clear environment where there is a positive engagement. High level of commitment within organizational environment is based on the effective working environment where employee issues and concerns are addressed to their satisfaction. Therefore there understanding the important strategies and regulations that have been put in place to ensure positive wellbeing within an organizational environment is key in an organizational development(Jayasinghe, 2016).

Employees within any given workplace are entitled to work in a safe and secure environment where they can be able to concentrate. Employees also have rights, which need to be protected. The employers are tasked with ensuring that they comply with various laws and regulations, which are put in place to ensure that employees are able to focus on performance rather than their wellbeing and safety. Workers unions are usually developed to take care of workers interests and help in negotiating safer and developmental of a comfortable workplace.

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Workers themselves form unions where they select individuals from their own workplace who understands their issues to help in negotiating better deals on behalf of all employees. Having a workplace union is an important consideration since it is able to get the management audience with much ease compared to individual worker who seeks to present his or her grievances to the organizational management. It is a more important and flexible approach which workers employ to get their issues addressed with much ease since lack of understanding can create a very difficult workplace environment considering the fact that all employees are working based on the directions from the workplace union(Bloom & Van Reenen, 2011).

Unions are mainly concerned with workplace advocacy. Employees need to feel comfortable and safe within their own working environment and this can only be achieved through ensuring that the management develops a conducive environment where employees are able to concentrate on key organizational tasks. Workplace unions therefore put the management to task in ensuring that they implement strategies that favor the wellbeing of employees while also ensuring that the organization is not influenced negatively. There much be a win-win situation between employees and management and unions play a key role in influencing the existing relationship between employees and their employers(Kwon, 2014).

Human resource management personnel are involved with creating a conducive environment within organizational environment where employees can be able to engage effectively. Human resource management personnel is involved in planning processes within organizational environment as well as monitoring employee relations and performance within the organization. They are more directly involved in daily management activities within organizational environment, which helps in creating employees specific strategies, whichhelp in improving organizational interaction. It is the duty of human resource management to ensure that they put in place crucial measures where the safety, rights, and employees are well taken. It forms the existing link within organizational environment between the management and employees since they have the responsibility to plan and implement important strategies which can help in ensuring that employees are comfortable based on the organizational principles outlined(Porter & Spear, 2010).

The success of an organization is based on how human resource is able to create a clear environment where employees are able to perform their duties comfortably. This can only be achieved when the rights and safety of employees is guaranteed. Working in a difficult organizational environment is very difficult for any employee and thus employees under such environment cannot concentrate on the organizational goals that need to be addressed. These are some of the issues that need to be addressed by human resource management personnel in creating a conducive workplace.

The government has a duty to protect its citizens under any given environment. They have put in place important laws and regulations, which focus on ensuring that the rights and safety of employees is guaranteed. Business organizations are therefore required to comply with various workplacelaws, which seek to protect employees from workplace pressure, tension and violation of their rights, which is much likely if employers have a free and unregulated environment to work from. The occupational health and safety administration has been put in place with a sole task of protecting employees in various organization within the country by setting standards, which need to be complied with by organizations for them to be licensed to operate. The lives of workers are crucial and need to be protected at all costs by ensuring that employers comply with important regulations and laws aimed at safeguarding the interests of workers(Tsai & Shih, 2013).

The department of labor has been engaged in workers issues through consideration of important laws, which protect the rights workers within workplace. Laws such as fair labor standards act provide a clear focus on the need to ensure that employees are fairly compensated for working overtime. The family and medical leave act is another crucial legislation, which has been developed to ensure that the rights of employees are not violated when seeking leave, which cannot be denied by their employers. The need to rest or seek medical attention is a right of every employee and has been effectively protected by federal laws(Jiang et al., 2012).

The role of human resource management and unions

When considering a unionized workplace there is, need to ensure that the union and human resource management work together to ensure streamlined operations and highly committed employees to the workplace course. The presence of a labor union within workplace poses a greater challenge to the human resource since they have to deal with the union as well as employees to ensure that there are positive engagement within organizational environment. Both labor unions and human resource management address workers concerns although the approach that is considered in this case is different. Human resource management when dealing with employee issues have to put into focus the impact a given action is likely to have on organization performance and ensure that they decide appropriate. The labor union have a key objective, which is to ensure that workers operate in a conducive environment based with legislations and regulations put in place(Sablok, Bartram, Stanton, Burgess, & McDonnell, 2013).

The interests of workers are more important to workers unions although they review the demands in ensuring that they are tenable within the organizational environment. This means that there is need to regular and positive interaction between employers and labor union to devise important strategies going forward, which aim at creating a clear environment where better decisions can be made, and have a positive influence to both employees and employers which ensures that there is a sustainable wellbeing. It is sometimes difficult for organizations to implement promises made to employees and in such environment, the labor unions are tasked with following up such promises and other employee benefits which an employer might be finding it difficult to compensate employees. The various labor laws that have been put in place provide labor unions with a better environment where they can be positively engaged in striving to ensure employees are treated fairly within the organizational context. The labor and employment laws provide a threshold under which labor union are able to operate from in protecting workers rights(Kwon, 2014).

Assessing the statement “Workers in the modern workplaces in America are well protected and supported”

I completely agree with the statement regarding the protection of American workers. The department of labor has implemented various legislations aimed at protecting the environment under which employees operate. There are also crucial compliance measures, which an organization seeking to recruit must adhere to in order to be licensed to proceed. An employee currently within the United States workplace environment is allowed to make decisions that he or she sees fit. This means that an individual cannot be forced to work within an environment, which is not favorable to them because there are crucial laws, which outlined how an employer and employee are supposed to interact and make informed decisions. The overall wellbeing of an employee has been effectively considered which has created a better understanding on the existing fact that employees are very much protected within United States workplace based on laws and compliance levels expected of employers regarding employee engagement.


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