Ideas for the Incorporation of Nai Talim and Work Education Through Community

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Engagement in teacher education programmes. India in 21st century is growing at a fast pace which has led the nation to various challenges as well. The fundamental challenge is the fulfilment of basic needs of its vast population. Another major challenge is competition in every walk of life. Finding solution to these problems is the only way to well being of mankind. The solitary way out of these problems is a way to self sustained life for Indians.

  1. Using samavaya in life related work- obtaining learning and development simultaneously along with work output and outcomes. Learning and development intermingling is needed most and it has been realized by almost all the commissions and committees in the country at secondary level of education. As secondary level of education is not just a ladder between higher and elementary but also a stage for terminal stage for those who wish to enter the world of work.
  2. Linking education with wholesome work, in which the work contains routine, rest, progress and pleasure for working individually and in groups. For bringing it out as a routine many structural changes and infrastructural changes in the whole set up are required and they must be introduced at the earliest. In this regard teacher education programme should also knit it into the classrooms.
  3. Improving and innovating continuously so as to achieve progress and pleasure. This should increase quality and excellence of work continuously thereby enhancing levels in learning, working, developing and transforming.
  4. Ensuring newness or renewal continuously in all the parts involved in education: the learner, the work and the process or system of learning and developing.
  5. New ness in teacher education: The integration of nai talim in teacher education can be a leading light for bringing a silent social revolution. It can only happen when those who profess nai talim actually practice it in the true forms. Teacher educators need adequate training in this aspect to bring excellence in the trainees.
  6. Focus on the practical aspect of learning: The biggest gap in learning today is lack of skill development. The school and university graduate is not efficient in skill aspect. The practical training needs to be a mandatory requirement of work field but that is not realised in true sense.
  7. Inculcation of value in every aspect of training: without values any learningis incomplete and even negative in various situations. Humans trained and developed through education must be value laden.
  8. Value of hand work: hand work must be valued and appreciated. Not only in society but in all the classrooms and centres of learning. In various programmes and workshops organised in B. Ed college in our institute one regular feedback of students is that they just love anything they create. This exposure must be given to trainees with the realisation that all humans/ children’s feel the way they do.
  9. Self sufficiency: in certain areas of life self sufficiency is something which is foundational. It is something a nation can’t ignore. So food security should be one objective of training the young minds in tune with nai talim.
  10. Connecting learning with life outside the class: Education is of no use unless it is able to solve the problems of daily life. The matter of concern is teaching neither creates interest nor promotes relation with social milieu. That is why the learner searches the route of escapism. If a learner is a not exposed to social problem, then how one can expect a solution from him of the environmental issues. What is needed most is connectivity of learning with outside life.
  11. Channelization of energy in positive direction: the tremendous energy of learner needs to be chaneliseed in the right direction. The present day society is complex and complicated, the only way out is creation of positivity all around.
  12. Making life simple: the technological web around us is knitted strongly. And humans don’t even realise that they are becoming slaves of the machines. It should be tackled appropriately. Definitely making life simple is a solution to it if it is carried out purposely.
  13. Nurture the values that will promote non-exploitative and non-destructive ways of preserving natural and human resources in the locality and outside.
  14. Learning for life, learning from life and learning throughout life

Mandatory curricular implementation at institutional level

  • Wearing khadi as uniform for both teachers and students
  • Adopting a village or local area for community services(awareness campaigns, health and education as area to be undertaken)
  • Inviting artisans at the educational learning centres and ensuring that each learner is sensitised

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