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Make Your Own Pizza Kit, Advanced Edition

Why do you love ordering pizza so much? You are perfectly capable of making it yourself and you know it, yet you still choose to order it instead of create it. Do you need instructions? Are you afraid it won ‘t turn out well? Well put your worries behind you because you are just ten simple steps away from making a delicious homemade pizza that rivals the best that you could buy from a restaurant.

The first step to start creating your own delicious homemade pizza is pretty straight forward, determine what type of pizza you want to make. There are virtually an infinite number of different combinations of ingredients that can be used to make a custom pizza, so it is important to decide what you want to use beforehand. When you pick and choose ingredients as you go you tend to combine ingredients that don’t particularly work well together. Things to consider when deciding on the construction of the pizza are, whether you want stuffed crust, whether you want whole grain crust, what kind of cheese you want to use, and what toppings do you intend to putting on it. You can try any cheese you want, but it should be shredded. If you wish to play it safe, mozzarella with a little Parmesan is always a good way to go.

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Once you have decided on what to use, the next step is to create a list of ingredients you want to put into and onto the pizza. Some of the key items that all pizzas should have include cheese, sauce and dough. Here you have to choose whether to use store bought sauce and dough, or to make your own. Making your own sauce and dough will of course will take longer and require more effort, but if done correctly, will make the pizza taste better. If you decide to make your own, your list of ingredients should include what is required to make the sauce and dough. There are many recipes to make pizza sauce and dough but the ones from are very good. The dough requires bread flour (Whole grain bread flour if you are making whole grain crust); sugar; one packet of instant dry yeast; salt; water; and olive oil. ( The sauce requires olive oil; one crushed garlic clove; tomato puree (28oz); dried basil; salt; pepper; and dried marjoram.

( You can of course use your own recipes if you wish but these are great if you don’t have your own.

After you have everything planned out, it is time to go shopping. Most all grocery stores have the ingredients needed, however, if you decided on some obscure toppings, you may need to shop around a little more. Once you have gathered your ingredients, you should also make sure you have the necessary “tools” to make the pizza. You will need, a pizza pan; a pizza cutter; some medium to large bowls; a sauce pan; measuring spoons; measuring cups; an oven mitt; and a somewhat large wooden spoon. If you do not have any of the listed items make sure to buy them at the grocery store before you leave.

You should now be ready to actually begin making the pizza. Start by making the dough. To make the dough, combine three and a half cups of bread flour, the packet of yeast, one teaspoon of sugar, and two teaspoons of salt together in a bowl. Use the wooden spoon to blend the incidents together. Next, add one and a half cups of medium/hot water as well as two tablespoons of olive oil. Mix with the spoon until the dough sticks together as one main ball of dough. If the dough is really sticky, add flour a little bit at a time and continue mixing. Once the dough is just a little bit sticky it is time to knead it. Prepare a hard, flat, clean location to knead the dough. A clean counter top works just fine. Knead the dough until it feels relatively smooth and is somewhat elastic. After that, take another bowl and coat the inside with two tablespoons of olive oil. Place the dough in the bowl and cover it with cling wrap. Place the bowl in a warm location and let it stand for about an hour for the yeast to rise. This hour is the perfect time to get started on the sauce.

The sauce should take about forty-five minutes to make so it should be done at about the same time the dough is ready for use. Before beginning, wash and dry the wooden spoon, you will need it again. To start, heat two tablespoons of olive oil in the saucepan over medium heat. Add the crushed garlic, one teaspoon of dried marjoram, one teaspoon of dried basil, and the can of tomato puree. Next put the lid on the saucepan, turn up the heat, and bring the ingredients to a boil. As soon as it reaches a boil, remove the lid and turn the temperature back down. Allow the ingredients to simmer for twenty-five minutes, stirring periodically with the spoon. After twenty-five minutes turn off the heat and take the pan off the burner but do not remove the sauce from the pan. Let it stand while you prepare the dough.

At this point the dough should be about done rising. You can now remove it from the bowl and put it back on the counter. Flatten the dough out and let it sit for a few minutes. Then flatten the dough out some more and begin shaping it based on the pan that you are using. You can use a rolling pin if you have one, but your hands work just fine. Now transfer the dough to the pan and continue flattening and shaping. For normal crust, you want to dough to mostly fill the pan, and for stuffed crust, stretch the dough out over the edges of the pan slightly.

If you are stuffing the crust, add the stuffing now. Put the ingredient you wish to put in the crust around the perimeter of the pizza and fold the extra dough over it towards the center. The outer edge of the pizza should now be just inside the pan.

It is now time to add the sauce. Take the saucepan and pour the sauce directly onto the center of the dough. Use the back of the wooden spoon to spread the sauce around. You want an even coating of sauce on the entire pizza, excluding the crust of course. Once you are happy with the way the sauce is spread you can add your choice of cheese. It is a matter of preference how much cheese you use, but generally enough to almost completely hide the sauce is a good amount. You are now almost ready to cook your pizza, you just need to add your choice of toppings.

Adding your toppings is quick, simple and one of the last steps of the pizza making process. You can use as many or as few toppings as you see fit and apply them to the pizza however you like, although a symmetrical application of toppings is most common. Finally you are ready to cook your pizza. Pre-heat your oven to 420 degrees Fahrenheit and wait for it to get to temperature. Once it is pre-heated put the pizza in the oven on the middle rack and allow to cook for about twenty-five minutes. Now, check on the pizza, the cheese should be melted and the crust should be a little golden. If not, leave the pizza in for a little longer. When the pizza has reached a point that looks good to you it is time to remove it from the oven. Remove the pizza from the oven using an oven mitt and set it on the cook top, not all counters are rated to handle hot items being set on them. Let the pizza sit for about eight minutes to cool.

Finally, after the pizza has cooled some you can cut it using the pizza cutter. After it is cut, turn the cutter on its side to use it as a spatula, and serve the pizza. That’s it! You have successfully made your own homemade pizza. All that is left to do now is pour yourself a drink, enjoy your delicious pizza, and try not to think about how long it will take to clean everything up.

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