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Background of the Company

Ashai Glasses & Aluminum is a company which is operating in Sri Lanka since year based on the commercial tab Colombo. Their main business includes importing Glass & Aluminum from Pakistan China, Afghanistan &etc.


Their product range covers laminated safety glass, tempered safety glasses reflective glasses fire proof Glasses , hot curved glasses ,bullet proof glasses,& etc. for curtain bars, wall shower door , windows , facades & furniture applications .as well as they imports aluminum products (bars) for applying in various construction.

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The distribution network of Ashai glass and aluminum has spread all over the country covering the target markets every corner in Sri Lanka. They use FBO, CIF & CFR the mean of these international commercial terms.

  • FOB-Free On board
  • CIF-Cost, Insurance and Freight
  • CFR-Cost and Freight

As their commercial terms while T/T and LC Mean of these payment terms T/T means telegraphic transfer (these kind of money transfer system use only for same currency type as an example dollar to dollar money or fund transfer or euro to euro money or fund transfer and etc.). LC means letter of credit these are the types of LC.

  • Revocable letter of credit
  • Irrevocable letter of credit
  • Standby letter of credit
  • Revolving letter of credit

These kind of payment terms are used the Ashai Glass and Aluminum for their transaction. Both within peak seasons and off seasons they keep one month of leading time. when they are importing products while looking for first grade quality products.

As well as they are having ISO 9001, ISO 9000 And ISO 14001 certification, which showcase the excellency of their business. Many they are focusing markets

When it comes to the glass and aluminum industry they are …………of opportunity are their which can be the increased the usage of glasses and aluminum in 21st century. The novelty and innovations are something which people are always looking for.

There for when Its comes to construction industry, architectures are always eager to something different from others to make satisfied There customers.

As well as to day the forest conservation is a leading topic every time there for security of wood they become a main problem which is faced by construction. At the glass and aluminum can be used as at subsidiary for woods iron steel and etc. Not only that more expensive prices of woods can be changed according the verities of the quality of them. There for most of the time woods, iron and steel can be more expensive then aluminum. Therefore with the economic situation of the world. The trend of usage in aluminum instead of Woods ,Iron ,Steal and etc. has increased .when compare to the last years. when its consider about the usage of aluminum in the country has gradually increased during last five years.

As well as the maintains of the aluminum items is very easy when compare to wood products. And also the information rate of the world the price of the woods has become more expensive.

Environmental Scanning and Market Selection

SWOT Analysis

When it comes to environmental scanning , SWOT is one of main method which can be used into scan the environment. Here strength and opportunities acts in a favorable manner to the organization which weakness and threats acts unfavorably to the organization. Ashai glass and aluminum also containing all four things in SWOT analysis .as an example today demand of the glass and aluminum has been increased in the world compare to the last three years(source of world bank records) . as well as glass and aluminum can be used to subsidiary for wood ,iron, steel and etc. not only that the price of the glass and aluminum is lower than the comparatively woods ,iron, steel and etc. There for the demand of glass and aluminum increasing the high look.

Glasses beings reach look for the thing which they have been used as well as glass materials are always use in the contraction fields and glass can be immediately and easily damage.

When consider about the weakness of the product .glass can be easily creak or damage in quickly there for the always risk of the damages or destroys of glass .as well as glass cannot repair after the damages occurred at those people are in a bough when casing glass in there products .and aluminum doesn’t show a value as a subsidiary than woods, iron ,steel and etc. and there is a society of row materials which use manufacturing aluminum.

As well as glass and aluminum docents have a high level of second hand markets comparatively wood iron And steel and etc.

When we consider about the opportunities in glass and aluminum industry today with the forest conservations comes first as a opportunity because with the first as opportunity because with the forest conservation concept the world looking for a subsidiary which can be used instead of woods, iron steel and etc. at their glass and aluminum become prior subsidiary for woods iron steel and etc. Not only that’s, some statures of glass and aluminum as a material ,causes increasing the use age of glass and an example it easy to move one place to another place using low of weight and low of strength, comparatively to other materials. As well as maintains of glass and aluminum is easy when compare of the other subsidiary products. When comes to the price level, glass and aluminum products are comparatively lower than the other subsidiary products in the market world. Which all above factures the demand for glass and aluminum had increased within last five years of time in the world.

As well as different design can be found in glass and aluminum which makes the deference surrounds in construction industry.

Using glass and aluminum it can produce deferent , deferent innovations, which make the changes in humans day to day life. As an example glasses and aluminum can be used to produce for tables , lamps, buckets(buckets means some items can collect that thing, and it can be any shape it can be like a box, boll and any kind of shapes and etc.).As there are opportunities in above industry. The competitors are the one of among market leaders in the industry in the market world there for with the technology development of those are the person which can manufactures the high quality products .there for those products can be very expensive .with that reason financial difficulties can become prior in the industry.

If there are branch in Sri Lanka which foreign famous companies in the particular industry ,customers may go to them for buy their products. There for it can be treat and a huge cost can be accorded to compete with their good will glass and aluminum can be easily damage or crack or destroy when there transporting form the foreign countries. There for wastages can be occurred due to that reason .there for if something happened which makes damages to goods that will cause losses to the business.

If there are subsidiary for glasses and aluminum which having low price levels than above products ,that also become a treats for glass and aluminum industry. The new legal conditions which imports by the government of the country also may affect on their business improvement. Because most of the time governments are improving tax on imports ,there for they have to pay tax to the government those legal things can be effected on their business.



The political situation on the country may impact on their business changes of the governments changes of policies may impact on favorably and unfavorably to them.


The economic situation the inflation rates the per capita income of people may also impact on the business. if there is a smooth low in the economy, people in the country becomes satisfied and they are going for new business expectations of existing business etc. For that they need the help of construction industry .WISE a WERS if the economic condition of the country is not good , people are struggling with the information and increasing price of goods they are not moving with the new business.


Social environment also may impact on the construction field .if the people of country more traditional as their ancestors. they may not interest on subsidiary for their traditional materials example for that most of the Sri Lankan peoples don’t use the Glass or Aluminum For produce there shelters Most of the other countries used the Glasses and aluminum for their shelters the reason for that reason I think the traditional and cultural of Sri Lanka that’s why I think most of the Sri Lankans use the woods and other things for produce there well as if they are always like to be change and looking for new things they may always do change with their construction.


Technological environment is one of the important thing which impact on the industry. Because if the there is a developed technological facilities in the country with them always it may very much useful to get the maximum usage of above products. And if they have the developed technology with them they may be able to fix the max use age to the products.


Legal environment is one side which may impact on their industry, because the legal requirement’s of the importing goods and distributing goods may impact on their business development. Because if the legal requirements are very high and stuff which impact on importing goods it may limit the transaction and deal of them with foreign countries. But there is low requirement of importing goods and distributing goods the number of transaction may increase.

Natural environment the present age of forest area in the country will decide the use age of the above products within the country.

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