Identifying Whether Men and Women Are Equally Emotional in Marriage

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Communication Challenges in Marriage Between Men and Women
  • Interpreting Conversations: Emotional Response of Men and Women
  • Emotional Expression and Love in Marriage
  • Conclusion


'Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other,' Katharine Hepburn, who is well-known actress said, 'perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then.' This show that some men and women like to live independently because they think they are so different that they cannot sustain each other. However, even though men and women are contrastive, coexistence between them is magnificent. Couples in marriage should consider the differences in order to have positive impact on their lives and it is worth work in the differences rather than against them. They also should consider the question of emotional capacity - are men and women equally emotional?

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Communication Challenges in Marriage Between Men and Women

Lack of Communication is one of the most frequently given reasons for breakdown of marital relations. Evidently, men speak to report facts in short phrases with little or no details and sometimes they are busy with something else, whereas women speak in paragraphs with lots of details and eye contact, which leads to arguments between spouses. For example, while a woman is talking to her husband with a lot of details, she thinks that he should pay his attention instead of distraction by reading the newspaper. Meanwhile, the husband admonishes her to the bottom line. In addition, men feel confused about women's discussions because they open many subjects that perform different aspects and views without reaching the final conclusion. On the contrary, women feel bored in the discussions of men deal with only one subject. Hence, a couple should know that the conversational styles of men and women are different in order to enhance the relationship between them. This difference can be solved if couples do not expect from each other to communicate in the same way, which will cause them to appreciate how each sex compliments the other in a wonderful way.

Interpreting Conversations: Emotional Response of Men and Women

Not only lack of communication between them but also interpretations in conversations between them is different. As an illustration, when a woman says that she has not gone to a restaurant for a long time while she went to the restaurant last weekend, her husband thinks that she tells a lie. In fact, this is not true women do not mean literally what they say. According to 'Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus' by Gray John, women use generalizations when they speak and they do not mean literally. As a matter of this fact, men should know their wives feel bored and they want to go somewhere with them. Conversely, men mean what they say, for example, when a husband says,' I am OK.', he means that problems will be settled by himself, Gray John says. There is no doubt they will exchange angry charges if they mistakenly elucidate conversations.

Emotional Expression and Love in Marriage

Some women are typically more emotional, which allows them to express their feeling more than a number of men. As a result, they need love and care not only verbally but also virtually. For example, wives prefer to receive gifts constantly than once in a while because they think that gifts express love. Meanwhile, husbands complain about precious gifts that they have given one time. In addition, women like very much to hear world that touch their feeling and they do not want their husbands preoccupy about other things that are not related to them. Simple habits that show confederations can make a huge and positive difference in the relationship between spouses.


In conclusion, problems begin to emerge between couples when they forget that they are different. Each spouse expects from another action or reaction which fits a particular nature then s/he acts what it is not expected. The man wants his wife to ask what he wants to get it, and she expects him to feel what she feels. It seems that men in general estimates to be independent, while their wife estimates affection so house without kiss her; however, a husband believes she wants to dominate him. Both of them wrongly assume that if one of them love another, s/he will react on the same way that his/her spouse has acted when they express their love and appreciation. This assumption is wrong and it will put many barriers between the spouses.  

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