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The poem 'If' by Rudyard Kipling is a beautiful poem, giving advice from a father to son on how to grow up to be a better person in life. It was written in 1895 and published in 'Rewards and Fairies'. The poem is framed with four stages of eight lines each. Poetic devices that are presented in the poem are repetition, personification and alliteration. In this poem, poet uses repetition with the word 'you' throughout the poem to emphasize how important 'you' Is.

A unique characteristic of 'If' is that it consists grammatically of a single sentence, so we can call itba single sentence poem. This poem canbe considered as a inspirational poem.

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The 1st stanza of the poem has the rhyming scheme of A A A A B C B C, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th stanzas follow the rhyming pattern of A A A B C D C D.In this poem, the father is defining the qualities of a good man to his son. The poem deals with life's challenges and tell us how to deal with them smartly.

The poet advices us to stay calm when the pressure is on you . He further guides us to show courage when others are losing their heads and blame us. We must stand by our opinion and then persistently move forward. If people doubt you, let them do so but keep proving them wrong till the last moment.

Poet gives emphasis on the acknowledgement of truth and importance of patience in life. He guides us not to lose our path from the road of victory. He advises to make efforts inspite of failures in life as efforts always lead to success. He tells us to start from the bottom again and make efforts to reach our goals in life.

In a nutshell, a victorious person does not become successful by virtue of a single step, he has to do efforts to achieve his goal in life.

Rudyard kipling's poem 'if' works as a guide for all of us. It tells us how to lead s life full of respect - a life with honour. Every stanza of the poem begins with 'if' and through this condition, the poet assumes the circumstances that a person will face in life. The message of the poem relays to us how difficult life can be but one should not give up. According to the poet giving up is not an option to be adopted by anyone. One should move forward if he wants to win against challenges.

The first stanza sets up a scenario in which he reminds all his readers of the importance of maintaining a level even when those around the reader do not have one. The if situations mentioned by the poet in the poet again and again tell the people to have different traits which infact help them to lead a life which is full of understanding and self trust. He encourages his reader through the poem that we should have bthe ability to understand the thoughts and feelings of others.

The final four lines of the first stanza flow nicely convey the reader one complete thought. The poet conveys his idea about the ability of having patience in one's life. He tells the society that one should posses his real self irrespective of what other people think of him. One should always reflect his true self.

In the second stanza Kipling urges his readers to dream and think of the bigger opportunities but at the same time he must not catch up in his dreams so much that he losses his grasp on reality. He means to say that one should dream high but he should not forget his present situation.

Kipling also showcase through the lines of his poetry the fleeting nature of success. He says that success is never long lasting always and nor does the disaster with the passage of time. He tells the people to endure the words that are being twisted by the people who are dishonest in order to serve their own perceptions.

The poet has seen so many problems in that time of prevailing society. So he wrote the poem 'If' in order to boost up some basic skills which had great impact on the scenario of that time. He wrote some powerful lines and impose the reader to endure despite of his emotional or physical weaknesses. According to the poet one should not be artificial in his behavior. One should posses the quality of behavior in which he treats the lowest of the low and highest in the society the same. He should be kind towards both poor and rich. He also urges the society to bounce back from disappointed or pain. He hereby means to say that never give up. He stresses on the point that one should utilize a single moment up to it's full extend.

According to the poet if anyone wants to conquer the world and it's people, one should posses all the above stated qualities and one will have the world at one's fingertips.

The poem 'If' in this contest is quite motivational as well as inspiration. It gives up a set of rules for 'grown up' living. It provides the best advice that parents could give to a child. The poet gives us so many scenarios which are both positive and negative.

He wants to make a mam fully virtuous by adopting the essential qualities mentioned in his poem thus enabling his mother country ba better and more civilized nation to live in. In today's world, the poem 'If' is even more relevant.

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