If I Could Invent Something, What Would It Be: My Future Invention that Can Change the World

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Artificial Heart and Brain
  • Time Machine
  • Space Colony
  • Hunger Removing Food
  • Personal Flying Wings
  • Conclusion


I'm [NAME] and living in [CITY, COUNTRY]. I've just completed my M.Sc in Mathematics. At present, I'm trying to build up my career. My hobby is searching for new inventions and inform people about it. As a student of science, I've got an interest in science and technology. Today's technology makes our life easier. From wake up in the morning till late night before sleep, technology surrounded us with its blessing. Today, I'm going to write about some more technology that I want to see in the future. I think, if these can be invented, the world will be in a new door of technology.

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Artificial Heart and Brain

Men always want to live long, but nowadays so many people are facing problems in heart and brain disease. These two parts of the body are most important and can’t replace with any other things. If scientists can make artificial hearts and brains, men's life will go longer. I think it will be very helpful to people. Hope, the improvement of modern science will give us this type of beautiful gift.

Time Machine

The time machine is the most interesting thing in science fiction. However, I want to see this great invention in the future with more improvement. We all know through Einstein’s theory that if any materials or person go with the speed of light it can pass the time. I want that if any person wants to live two places or more at a time, the time machine will make a hollow graphical picture, shadow or video of that person so a person can save his time.

Space Colony

Today’s world population is 7.7 billion. Is it not too big? I think, if some of them go to the other planet, human life becomes easier. I hope, some days people will make a colony on the other planets and the human kingdom will also be established in space.

Hunger Removing Food

Hunger is a common thing for all human beings. But it’s a matter of sorrow that in many countries of this modern world people are dying in hunger. Countries like Somalia, Sudan, Eritrea, Yemen, etc. hunger and lack of nutrition is a common thing. Scientists are already invented capsule for astronauts so that they can live for a long time without taking any food. I want to see this type of food should be invented so that people will take a little but get full nutrition and other vitamins through them stay for a long time without taking food.

Personal Flying Wings

I know it’s very weird to listen but everyone wants to fly by his own wings. Anyone will feel free if he/she has their personal wings. I want to see this crazy invention in the future. If any person wants to fly, then he/she can fit it with one’s body and fly where he wants.


Man is the best creation of Allah. Men can do anything and we have the proof of this, our present technology. Once upon a time, these are only dream or crazy thought. But now we are using these things. So, I hope what I want to see these are also invented.

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