If I Had a Million Dollars

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If I Had A Million Dollars

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Winning the lottery would be interesting for many reasons. One of the biggest is that you'd wonder what to do with all that money, of course. Would you keep it all for yourself? That would be tempting? Would you give it to your loved ones? We'd all like to help those who have helped us. Or would you use it to help others in the world? If I were to win the lottery, I would use the money not only to help myself but to help my family and people in the world around us.

I would definitely want to help my family. The first thing I'd do is have my mother and father retire from their jobs. There's no reason for them to keep working as hard as they have all their lives. After that, I'd buy them a new home. I know Mom has always wanted a home in the country where she can hear the birds singing from her porch. And I'd make sure to get some good gifts for my brothers and sisters for their birthdays and for holidays. That way, we'd all be happy, even if sometimes my little brother gets on my nerves.

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Of course, I'd want to do some special things for myself, too. I'd begin by taking care of the serious stuff and putting away money for my college education. With college taken care of, I'd buy myself some clothes that I really like. And another thing I'd do is take a long trip to South America so that I could learn Sparnish.

You know, I'd probably also remember to send my older sister on a special trip. I think she's had to make some sacrifices in her life because she's the oldest, and I'd like to thank her.

I'd be sure to try to help some of the other people in the world, too. I'd set up a scholarship fund for students at my school. I'd also develop a program that grants micro-loans to owners of small businesses in developing nations. I saw something about those on a TV show once, the show that comes right after Lost. And I'd donate money to charitable causes that appeal to me, too.

I could help my family by letting my parents quit their jobs and get a new home and by giving my siblings gifts they would really like. I'd be sure to do some special stuff for myself, including taking care of college costs and buying some things I like. And I could give back to society in all sorts of ways. There's no doubt that if I win the lottery, that's what I'd do.

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