If I Were a President: the Global Impact of My Future Presidency

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It's been a piece of my identity as far back as I can review. I have constantly love to be a politician because am good in playing politics. As I keep on adding in age, I perceived my longing and also my heart was to serve others. I saw treacheries and injustices that made me to have the need for positive change and the most ideal way I know to do this is to run for elective position of US President. Each individual wants to have personality and also wants to walk in the corridor of power in the society (Thompson, 2004). I might want to compete for the elective position of President of USA, having realized that the President of a nation is the top most compelling and influential individual. I have been nursing the intention of becoming the US President with good heart. I feel that I have achieved a lot in life but becoming President of US will enable me create an impact globally and add meaning to people’s lives.

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However, I undoubtedly believed that to acquire such position in US will cost me many things. Such exotic position requires that I have to be prestigious, having the correct means of raising money capacity, mass intrigue, top political links, experience, balance, endurance, speaking capacity, and enlightenment. Be that as it may, will expose myself to the consistent scrutinization, criticism, duress, risk, prominence, scorn, restlessness, and loss of protection that accompanies being a President. Farquharson (1969) opined that in a perfect world, it is necessary to produce a strong and sound nation under which citizens can appreciate and also enjoy the product of their rewards for so much hard work and guarantee better opportunities for more noteworthy's benefit.

Within my first term in office, I will accomplish all these below so as to push American citizens and the world forward. I would need to be President so that toward the finish of my Presidency, I would guarantee that no more young children are murdered in Aleppo. I would as a President, remove the U.K with monetary assents until it quit providing arms to Saudi Arabia that were utilized to slaughter people in Yemen. I as President, would extend Peace to Afghanistan, Yemen and Iraq just to end the unlawful barricade of Gaza. I would likewise ensure no more displaced people are suffocated in the Mediterranean. I would need to be President so I will never have no room to play Golf as I would be too caught up with the presidential duties of guaranteeing that my new Trade deal with Kim Jong Un will bring an end to North Korea’s nuclear weapon testing. I would likewise guarantee that no more Cash Aid would be paid to any Government; rather I would loan cash to financially suitable network and feasibly examined ventures. I would work with Putin as opposed to going up against him while guaranteeing the point will be on World Peace. To be President is an open door for World Peace and it ought not be squandered or mismanaged (Riker, 1980). 

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