Ignorance of Truly Effect of Vaccination

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Vaccination is the way how to prevent humanity before infection diseases. It is beneficial in reducing mortality and population growth. Is not only protection for us but also protection for our community. In the 18th century died 400 000 people on smallpox only in Europe. Therefore, vaccination is considered as one of the greater achievement in the world. The most vaccine is for free or just for a little cost. Vaccines learn the body how to create antibodies before catching the real disease. The vaccine is including weakened or destroyed bacteria, virus or toxin. Also, include additives for better effectivity and longer storage time. Vaccines were tested for the years and therefore are safe. Greater dangerous for people is not take a vaccination and get a sick as take the vaccination and get just a weak side effect. Vaccinates is not right for everyone and therefore somebody can get stronger side effect as another. Between side effect belong swelling or pain at the injection site, muscle weakness or high fever. Sometimes can also be memory loss, hearing or vision loss. Parents are afraid from potentially long-term side effect. The biggest fear has parents from MMR vaccine. This vaccine is often time link with autism. Can be vaccination real dangerous for us or is it just an ignorance of people? (Everything You Need to Know About Vaccinations.)

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MMR is combined vaccine for 3 diseases – measles, mumps and rubella. Before was each disease presented by one injection. This are very dangerous diseases which cause morbidity, disability and death in low-income countries. The vaccine was introduced in year 1988 in the UK. MMR vaccine is administrated in two injections. First is given around 9-15 months of baby life and second is given before starting school – between 3-6 years. The vaccine contains just weakened viruses of measles, mumps and rubella and can cause just a mild form of mumps or measles. Some people claim that this vaccination also can cause autism. (MMR vaccine overview. 2019)

Autism is a neurological disorder. People with this disease have a problem with social life, communication skills; they are often upset and is hard for them to understand information properly. They live in their own life. Some of them may need help all their life but another can live “normal” life with a job and friendships. On the other hand, autistic people usually have a higher level of intelligence. Generally known, people with disabilities have a talent for something – is like a gift from God, which replaced lost in different things caused by disease. First symptoms of autism are noticed around 15 months life of a baby. In the same time is administrated the first injection of the MMR. This is the reason why most parents are linking this disease with the MMR vaccine. Is hard for a parent to see how their child is healthy for a year or more and then start to notice symptoms of autism. Of course, they are looking for a reason why this happened. Therefore, was done quantum of researches with this problem. (Roberts and Harford, 2002)

In the year 1998, the study of Dr Andrew Wakefield was published in the journal The Lance, where was presuppose link between autism and MMR. (Roberts and Harford, 2002) This study starts one of the most significant controversies for the last years. However, it was found out that Andrew cheated about some children, who had symptoms of autism already before an experiment. The British doctor chambers decided to struck off him from the list of doctors and the article was recalled from the journal. Unfortunately, medialization of the study Dr Wakefield caused lower vaccination of MMR and more of cases in the part of the world where was not before occurred. All studies after Wakefield’s had and obvious result – no evidence between MMR and autism. For experts is this link closed but is recommended still pay attention. Studies are still in progress with new information but with the same result. The latest study with 650 000 children of which was around 1% affected by autism. Most of these children were vaccinated and result did not show any difference in rates of autism. Until today is not on 100% defined, what can cause autism, singularly is, that if study disproves study, then people are taking it like incorrect, however, if it is proved that is taken as non-critic real. Many years of different studies, link between autism and MMR vaccine wholly disapproved. Therefore, people do not fear of this vaccine. Autism belongs to severe diseases but cannot be caused by vaccination.

Autism is not only a reason why parents are afraid give their children vaccinate. World health organization find out more misconceptions. (WHO | Six common misconceptions about immunization.) One of this is that people think, that they do not need a vaccination if the disease is already disappearing and they carry on a better hygiene and sanitation. It is normal that amount of people with disease is dropped after some time of using specific vaccine. However, if people stop to vaccinate themselves, result can be fatal. In year 1974 in Great Britain was cut vaccination for whooping rough. About 4 years later this step caused 100 000 cases and 36 death. This is obvious result what can happened after stop vaccination.

Another misunderstanding consists of idea that multiple vaccination can overload children’s immune system and increase risk of side effect. Can children’s small body handle with these vaccines? Recommended vaccines are combined effectively and is not a greater risk for side effect. Moreover, children’s immune system is everyday receiving new antigens through the eating food or bacteria live on the surface of his body. Vaccine is formulated to give the vulnerable baby from early age the best immunization. Vaccination starting from the inactive form of vaccine to live vaccine in later age.

Often is the unknown cause of disease. People are trying found out the cause but sometimes not really successful. In the ignorance of truth people can believe in any misconception. Publication in newspaper or internet can bring an educational information but sometimes can bring also false information. Results can be catastrophic. Publication of Dr Wakefield’s research convinced people about link between MMR vaccine and autism. This cause lower vaccination and more cases of people with autism. Till today people still believe in the faked researched of Dr Wakefield. How one article changed lives people in the whole world. If is someone not sure about safe of vaccination, he can ask his doctor and assure about his attitude to vaccination. It is normal that we as a people looking for reasons of causes. But scientist are everyday working on different kind of research to ensure us about truth. Therefore, is vaccination a big help for world.

If somebody does not give her child vaccinate, they threaten their health and health of all society. People should be aware of facts and not believe in nonsense — vaccination saves life of millions of people.

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