Illegal Immigration as the Central Issue in the United States

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The immigration in the USA has been so much considered as the central issue facing the USA due to the presence of the illegal immigration in the country. The amnesty section of the DREAM Act was enacted to help the children who grew up in the USA though their parents might have deported them in order to attain education. The DREAM Act means the Development, Relief, and the Education for the Alien Minors and it was introduced on August 1, 2001 (Center for Immigration Studies 15). The bill was enacted to provide permanent residency that is conditional to certain immigrants who have good moral character and who usually graduated from USA high schools. The immigrants to benefit from the bill ought to have arrived in the USA as the minors, and must have lived in the country for at least five years from the time the bill was enacted. If the immigrants were to complete about two years in the military or maybe two years at the four-year higher learning institution, they would have achieved the conditions of obtaining temporary residence for a period of six year. On the other hand, within the period of six years the individual’s might get a permanent residency in USA under two circumstances. Permanent residency may be attained by the individual having acquired a degree in the higher learning institutions in the USA. Also, it can be accomplished by completing at least two years and have a good standing in the program that the individual is taking in the higher education institutions. The other condition for attaining permanent residency is if the person has served in the armed forces for at least two years and in case of being discharged have received an honorable discharge. My paper will address the topic on the immigration in the USA particularly in the amnesty section of the DREAM Act.

Permanent residency in the USA may be attained by someone who has served in the armed forces for at least two years. However, the military enlistment contracts mostly require a commitment of eight years. Which is involved with active commitments to the duties that are typically between four to six years but it also can be as low as two years. But it should be taken firmly that the military do not allow the aliens to enlist. Those that might have enlisted, do it under a false identity or by using the fraudulent documents. For the aliens whose status of permanent residency is terminated, should return to the state of immigration that the alien was before him, or her received the permanent residency condition under the DREAM Act. The bill has been including the illegal immigrants who are as old as thirty-five years old.

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Currently, there are many minors in the USA who are between one to two million and who are subject to deportation. It is because their parents might have brought the in the USA without following the legal procedures as children. The higher education institutions are often foreclosed for the alien children due to the inclusion of the federal law that tends to exclude all the undocumented students from the in-state tuition. It is despite whether they have lived all of their lives in the state. Without the in-state tuition, the young immigrants together with their families cannot manage to afford the higher education. Even though the young immigrant benefits and find a way to pay for his or her college fees. His or her post-graduation prospects of job are often seriously to be limited due to his or her immigration status (Center for Immigration Studies 5). Numerous of such students usually live in the constant fear of deportation and detention from the authorities of immigration. Education is a human right, and the only indispensable means to realize other human rights. Hence, all the children regardless of their status should get the education since they have the right. Without the use of the amnesty section of the DREAM Act, only the students who have legal permission and documents in the USA would have been receiving education leaving all the others out. Therefore, the amnesty international stands together with the coalition of DREAM mostly supports the DREAM Act since it promotes and protects the human rights. The DREAM Act usually gives the individual the right to the family unity and life, the right to be set free from discrimination, and the right to better education.

The Development, Relief, and the Education for the Alien Minors (DREAM) Act is tailored in narrowing the students population of the immigrants in the USA who mainly arrived as children, consider USA as their homes, and have grown up in the USA. Therefore, the DREAM Act usually provides legal status that is conditional to those students who finish their high school in the USA and attend college and those who have mainly served in the military for at least two years. If the above young immigrants tend to prove in having good moral character and if they complete the law requirements, then after ten years they are given the opportunity to legalize their status permanently. Therefore, under the criminal law and the USA civil the minors usually benefit from numerous protections, yet the government of USA continue in penalizing the youths who are immigrant for the decision that was likely made for them which is being brought to the USA as children (DREAM vs. Reality 131). Some individuals are mainly detained for the purposes of immigration which includes the young immigrants. The arrested individuals are mostly held under detention of administrative. However, most of them are usually housed in the criminal facilities, they are transferred from facility to facility for multiple times and finally they are moved to the facility that are away from the legal advocates and their families. Since the immigrants are forced into signing the deportation papers, the due process issues may also arise while the individuals are in detention. However, since many of the undocumented children mainly lives in mixed families status where the relatives or the siblings have lawful status or might be USA citizens. The deportation act often leads to the family separation and also interferes with the unity of the family.

However, despite the DREAM Act having positives parts that are mentioned above it has as well the adverse impacts of the young immigration. The hard working students who are undocumented work for a very long period without achieving the permanent residency with the amnesty section of the DREAM Act. The immigrants often participate for the long time being honest members of society without being given permanent residency. It is often unfair to them since they are supposed to be given permanent residency for being loyal to the country rules (Department of Homeland Security 47). It becomes unreasonable since the majority of them are brought to the USA while they are at a tender age, and they believe that the USA is their country of birth. Hence, they fail to understand why they are not citizens of the country, and they mostly wonder what it takes for the achievement of the citizenship of the country. Some of them mostly end up being deported or being in detention. For the few who are lucky they are given the permanent residency for the USA either by attaining a degree in the higher education institutions or by serving in the military for at least two years. In the case of the discharge from the military, it must be an honorable discharge (USA Department of Education 16). The young immigrant’s aspirations and dreams are fully on the hand of the Congress. Hence, the settlers and the government, in general, should do the right thing and pass the DREAM Act in order to ensure that the human rights of the young immigrants are particularly respected, fulfilled, and protected.

The overall strategy of the bill would also put more pressure on the USA border measures of the security and mostly drive up the cost which is associated with them. Given that amnesty will enable the creation of a greater incentive for the would-be border crossers that are illegal. The USA border patrol chief in 2013 reported that the apprehensions at the border were up to 13% over the one that were there in 2012 numbers (Federation for American Immigration 52). These indicated a very significant increase being the unlawful entries. The USA should be required to do more in securing its borders, but in using the border security being their political tool in order to passing their bloated bill comprehensive is a wrong approach.

In addition to the concerns of the rule of fairness and law, amnesty will tend in costing a lot of money to the taxpayers who will be about trillions of dollars. These are so because some of the taxpayers are involved in more contributions in taxes than they usually receive the government benefits. On the other hand, others consume more than even they contribute. Hence, most of the immigrants who are unlawful fall in the category of the consumers of the net tax. Even today, the young immigrants’ households mainly consume about $14,387 more in the benefits than they even pay in their taxes on average (Peter Whoriskey 111). The current immigrants that are unlawful mostly receive public education for their kids and other services at the local or state levels. For example, services like fire protection, sewer maintenance, road use, and policing. The illegal immigrants, on the other hand, are not involved in any payments of the taxes in order to cover their services cost. Additionally, about half of the illegal immigrants tend to have minor children who were born in the USA. These children are almost eligible for nearly all means-tested welfare federal programs. The programs include Needy Families Temporary Assistance, the Children’s Health of the Insurance Program (CHIP), food stamps, and Medicaid.

The of the DREAM Act also contains the opaque measures of spending which have vague limits or do not show definite limits like the sums which might be necessary. The new measures of spending that will be involved once the bill is put in practice will include the new citizenship office and the new Americans. Those who work or live near the borders will be required to be bought new cell phones and also has obscure and undefined grant programs (Tamar Lewin 95). The grant programs are to be within the USA Immigration Services and Citizenship (USCIS) that usually fund the private or the public, nonprofit organizations in assisting the amnesty applicants. The above open-ended money streams may reduce the accountability and transparency which will make wasting or misuse of money being very probable.

In conclusion, the immigration in the USA particularly under the amnesty section of the DREAM Act needs to be focused very carefully. We have both looked at the positives and the negatives of the amnesty section of the DREAM Act in the USA. The bill needs to be passed since it will be of benefit to the young illegal immigrants who are undocumented in achieving permanent residency in other ways rather than being by obtaining citizenships by birth. Most of the young immigrants are brought in the USA at very tender age, and they believe USA to be their mother country. Failure of them getting the citizenship of the USA will leave them agape, and they will wonder where they came from since they will only be deported, and some will receive a detention as well. Hence, going by the amnesty section of the DREAM Act, the above population will be able to obtain permanent residency by two ways. One of the way is by getting a degree in the institutions of the higher learning or by completing high school and given opportunity to proceed with their college education. The other way of obtaining permanent residency is through serving the military for at least two years without discharge. If the discharge ought to occur, it must be an honorable discharge. Therefore, the amnesty section of the DREAM Act is very crucial to the illegal immigrants.

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