Imagery in Death of a Salesman


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I saw the play directly from Canvas by the link that is provided in the modules section. The name of the play that I saw is Death of a salesman. Arthur Miller is the playwright of this play. Thursday, 25 March is the date I saw the play. The genre of the play is drama. The type of play is a tragedy. For me, the play is very good. I like how this play tells us a story about a domestic problem that some people are experiencing or will experience. I really like how the actor Dustin Hoffman in that play was a Willy Loman. He really shows the feeling of being broke and stress from his expressions, behavior, and the way he talks. I also like the actress Kate Reid in that play as Linda Loman.

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Willy Loman was a salesman. He was about to lose his job, and he couldn’t pay his expenses anymore. He had a lot of expectations for his life, his sons, and his family. He put all his life into his sons like her really invested his money in his sons to go to school and stuff, but his sons didn’t respect him, and couldn’t get the life that Willy Loman expected. He always daydreamed about his successful life such as has money, his sons have a lot of achievements with his football, and get a good job. Willy Loman always wonders what went wrong, tries to find the answers, and how he can make things up to his family. He ended up killing himself in the end.

The theme that I think about is the American Dream. Willy Loman’s American Dream ideas associate the accomplishment of an aim or purpose with being well-liked. He is inadequate to attain the prosperity that he wants which is a liability. It is an essential attribute for a salesman like Willy. In comparison, through hard work, his neighbor Charley is capable to create a pleasant living. Willy’s sons reared on the belief that being accepted is all that matters, and they struggled to find professional success, while Charley’s son Bernard grew up to be a prosperous lawyer. The ideas of Willy Loman about the American Dream leave one crucial component out which is hard work. Willy has been betrayed by the American Dream, and another key theme in the play is betrayal. Biff discovered that Willy betrays his wife Linda with a woman in a hotel. It causes biff to think that his father is a fraud, and it is a turning point in biff’s life. Willy Loman created a lot of status for Biff such as the best high school athletes, and he wanted Biff to live up to his potential as a young man. Willy knows that after Biff learning of his betrayal of Linda, he was basically given up.

I believe the directing of this production is astonishing because this play won and nominated a lot of awards. The director of this play is Volker Schlöndorff. I think the cast is very well suited to their characters.  

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