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Except for the fact that William Wordsworth is a romantic poet of the United Kingdom, his poets ‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud’ and ‘The World Is Too Much with Us’ have very pessimistic rhetoric. Mr. Words always tells us loneliness and the end of life even though when he was mentioning about shining stars or golden daffodils. Also, William’s poets have lots of images about which especially mythos and nature. Furthermore, William Wordsworth never hesitates to tell something about himself and being a poet.

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I rarely feel but, sometimes I come up to a song that has very sad emotions even the rhythm of the song is fast. William Wordsworth’s poems make me feel in the same way. While I am reading his sayings, I feel lonely but peaceful or I feel like I am flying but clouds are dark grey. When he says, “when on my couch I lie, in vacant or pensive mood”, I can see my dark grey clouds. Then he says, “And then my heart with pleasure fills, and dances with daffodils”, and I am starting to embrace all colored clouds which may be white or black or grey, and I am starting to fly between them. It is an infrequent mood for my characteristic feature. Also, his poems have an habitant theme. After I read his writings, I feel like I am standing in front of the door and waiting for my mom because I do not have keys. Indeed, neither I am anxious while I am waiting for my mother or I am happy. I permanently perceive that he is drawing a painting of an autumn day or a sunset even though he narrates to flowers. When he says, “The winds are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers”, I am beginning to smile innocently like I can sense the peace of autumn, and I can see the sun. After that, when he says, “For this, for everything, we are out of tune”, I suddenly notice like that there is a sun, yet it is about to set. Then, I can hear the crackling of the leaves of fall. Although everything that I said sounds unfortunate, his poets do not force me feeling hopeless. On the contrary, I accept my individualism and obscureness side of life like he says, “that would make me less forlorn”, and “which is the bliss of solitude”.

William Wordsworth who lived between 1770-1850, was one of the most famous poets of the romantic period. He had written a lot of romantic poems, but when he moved in his friend Coleridge, they wrote “Lyrical Ballads” which is known for the proclamation of romance. After that, he wrote an autobiography and a spate of other romantic poems. His entire lifetime, Mr. Wordsworth tried to use colorful words and believed that imagination is the most vital power of inspiration. He always was impressed with nature; he also reflected his love of nature and the strength of nature. Lastly, William separated from vita into three pieces that are childhood, puberty, and elderliness and he mentioned them in the same way that I feel. Childhood meant perfectness like sun; elderliness meant the end like setting. In conclusion, William and I cannot match completely, unfortunately. However, his specific style and point of view about life, nature, and romance affected me exceedingly. From now on, I will be able to become keen on white and black, and silence and crackling belonging to leaves of the fall. 

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