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In Lord of the Flies by William Golding, the utilization of imagery is uncovered through contemplations and emotions the young men have while being marooned on the island. The utilization of images, for example, the pig's head, the mammoth, Piggy's specs, the island, and the utilization of veils, enables the creator to uncover how people enable their capacity for shrewdness.

The pig's head is one key image in Lord of the Flies that are engaged with the book. Portrayals of the butchered creature's head are realistic and startling. The pig's head is depicted as 'diminish looked at, smiling faintly, blood darkening between the teeth,' and is secured with a 'dark mass of flies' that 'tickled under his noses' (138). The peruser gets mindful of the wickedness and dimness symbolized by the Lord of the Flies with this picture. At the point when Simon talks with the inert, fiend-like item, the wellspring of underhandedness is uncovered. Simon discovers that the monster, that alarmed different young men on the island, isn't an outside power. The leader of the killed piglets he know, 'Extravagant reasoning the mammoth was something you could chase and slaughter!… You knew, isn't that right? I'm a piece of you?' (p. 143). The wickedness is symbolized by the pig's head. Simon swoons in the wake of taking a gander at the pig and seeing 'obscurity inside, a darkness that spread' (p. 144). Underhanded had assumed control over, it was all over the place.

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The beast is utilized as a primary image in this novel. In the minds of a large number of the young men, the brute is the wellspring of shrewdness on the island. Life on the island deteriorated as the malice there inside every last one of them got more grounded. Simon understands this before his gathering with the Lord of the Flies. During a contention over the truth of a brute, he imparts his conviction to the others. Simon lets them know, 'Possibly, perhaps there is a beast… possibly it's just us' (p. 89). Different young men quickly start to contend all the more furiously because of Simon's considerations. The group gives a 'wild challenge' when Jack chastens Ralph, saying 'If there's a mammoth, we'll chase it down! We'll shut-in and beat and beat and beat!' (p. 91). Their dread of the brute and want to kill it shows how solid the hold society's principles once had over them has been destroyed on the island. 

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