Imagery of Necklace: Conviction of a Wealth Thirst and Dishonesty


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Mathilde dreams of wealth instead of middle-class life. She dreams to look fancy and wanted attention from rich people. Steinbeck’s novel is set during the Great Depression, it begins on a positive note with Lennie and George discussing their dreams. Lennie begs George to “tell about how it’s gonna be” and George describes their shared vision of their futures(Steinbeck 10).

Her husband found a letter and told her, he found something and it was an invitation for both of them to the Ministry. She asked her friend if she can borrow one of her necklaces because she didn’t have any for the place. “She had no gowns, no jewels, nothing. And she loved nothing but that. She felt made for that” (de Maupassant 327). She was at the party and a lot of guys wanted to dance with her because of how fancy and beautiful she looked. After when she went home Mathilde loses the necklace, she and her husband use all their savings and work ten years to pay for a cd replacement, falling deep into poverty. A negative aspect of her dream is that she didn’t have any of that or the money she’s really unhappy about in her life. One day, after paying off the debt, she meets the friend who lent her the original and explains what happened. Surprised, her friend reveals that the original necklace was fake and cost almost nothing. “Mathilde is an unlikable character because she is vain, dissatisfied, and dishonest”.

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They probably would have made their dream come true if Lennie hadn’t killed Curley’s wife. The aspects of One positive of their dream are that it gives them motivation hope during a hopeless time. They dream to have their own farm with rabbits, chickens, and hot work when they feel like it. Like a toddler with a favorite bedtime story, Lennie knows exactly how George would describe their dreams. George and Lennie for them are not about wealth or fame. “It’s not about a life of ease and luxury”. George and Lennie dream of finding independence in the lad. They won’t have to be upset to keep a job they hate. Their fate would be in their hands, not in someone else’s. Their lives as other people’s rules. They spend their days working, sleeping, eating, and staying where they’re told. It’s the life of machines, not men.

The purpose of the story the necklace is to persuade readers to be true to themselves. Mathilde, in her vanity, loses the only wealth she has in pursuit of rising above her station. The book mice and men are good because of not only the great use of description but the characters. Steinbeck shows how children are, in some cases, better people than adults in a way that they do not judge people. They do not see people or things from that point of view.  

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