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Imagination Will Often Carry Us To Worlds That Never Were

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Carl Sagan said,

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were.”

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And this is truer than true, our imagination is so much powerful that it can make us believe things which never have existed. It’s awesome to have strong imagination but it’s a curse at the same time if you put no limit to it.

Imagination gives rise to assumptions and often we start assuming things which were not even there at first place. We carve such situations which “can” exist not “are” existing. Sometimes we’re right other times we’re wrong, but, this Imagination thing has got some strong hold on our brain. When you are constantly being told one thing you start believing that, you start to think of some possibilities which could be there having that situation exists.

In this blog I’ll be mentioning some of the areas of our life which are effected by imagination.

A super talented person was planning to bring his talent (anything you find in yourself and fear talking of) he thought of that from so many days, planned, scripted how to do the intro, what he will tell his friends and acquaintances, how it should be brought to the front and then he started thinking (out of excitement) , how happy his family would be, his friends would be so proud, he’ll finally gonna get the person he was trying to get once it’s done, everyone would appreciate it, then he’ll grow gradually and then the whole world will recognize him but all of a sudden his mind started thinking about what if all this couldn’t happen. What if they laughed on him,mocked him, he thinks about the negative possibilities, he was first thinking that everything would be positive and perfect but when he got overwhelmed by the negative imagination and lost his faith in himself. This happened cause he “over-thought” the whole process instead if he just have brought whatever he wanted to, on the front rather than thinking of Hows and Whys and Whats and Ifs he would have got automatically all these questions replied without even popping up.

A person wants to ask out someone, he rehearsed all his proposal lines in-front of the mirror more than a hundred times and got the approval from his best-friend that all these words will actually help him get the desired person. He slept and woke up early wore his best and revised the speech once again to make everything is on his tongue’s tip, went to that person, the person was on call and was in a very friendly mood there were a few words which indicated some deep connection b/w them too. Without asking any question or saying a single word that person left from there assuming that the desired person is already committed to someone and on the other hand, that person was only talking to his best friend and was completely single (might possible interested in him too) but what the first person assume didn’t let feelings blossom.

She got a proposal from one very fine man, who loved her dearly and was serious about being with her. She said Yes because there was no reason to say the opposite. All was going well but after some time she started demanding some fancy “film-like” things, for instance she wanted him to throw a luxurious surprise party inviting all her friends and having a tasty tiered cake to be cut, she wanted to go on a bike ride with holding him from his back and all this to do right on the beach (full on filmy no?), she wanted him to stand right beside her (like some movie star) and chant the lovey-dovey words 24/7, in short her idea of a perfect partner was to have someone who could be like Shah Rukh Khan, crying and sobbing for her like Devdas, putting impossible efforts like Raj, fighting everyone just to be with his sweetheart, too much to ask from a simple man. If he’ll spend his all time roaming at places like the hero does in movies you’ll starve to death cause you people must not be working to earn something so that you can survive in REAL world. You can have a good relationship, full of love, understanding, care and every necessary element without such fancy rubbish.

See! life could be easier if we start taking our imagination positively rather negative.

Of course it’s stupid to be all positive all the time but that doesn’t mean you need to think negative every-time you see some thing good happening .

You have any talent in you so just stop imagining that you’ll get someone out of nowhere who’ll be your God Father and will give you all that you need to be successful. If you want to be successful you should learn to first stop imagining and start “DOING” trust me after practicing for some time you’ll start this easily and will feel empowered. There’s simply no need to worry about what could be and what could not just let the life flow.

Often the peace lies in staying not too conscious and trusting the process. Don’t over-think, think as much as you want then decide something and stick to that.

There’s someone important in your life and you have not talked to them as you think of somethings which possibly are there (not surely) and you want those things to get clarified. Don’t think that there would be some revelation from Heavens above which will make them realize you’re thinking all this. Take the first step, either it will work or it won’t but in both cases it will reach somewhere at least.

You’re having someone in your life with whom you’re having some romantic connections DON’T let them become victim of your fantasies, remember one thing that all the things which are shown in movies/songs are imaginary, in real life you too will have to work to earn living, you’ll have other people around to think of too, you both will have fights, you’ll have your happy times too. But you just can’t sing duets all the time or sit idle at home holding each others’ hands. Learn the worth of having “space” and be realistic. Don’t mess up things just do what should have been done in reality.

Imagine, dream and expect but most important thing is differentiating where you are going wrong and where you’re right. Start DOING stop QUESTIONING and learn BELIEVING in yourself and in others to some extent too.


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