Immigration Changing the Us Culture

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  • Immigration has to stop sending people back
  • If there is not deportation
  • Helping the country
  • Conclusion

Immigration has changed U.S culture for many years. It is interesting to know that it is not just one culture but many put together. The U.S has many things to do with immigration but its changing culture is something that gets people thinking in a way.

For one immigration brings in other cultures from other countries which gets the United States to sometimes make modifications within the country.

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Immigration has to stop sending people back

A way that culture is changing in the U.S is that they should stop sending people back to their country’s and should let them have equal rights just like others. this is changing culture in the way that people don’t all have the same benefits and should be able to since they are living in the same society, the same culture there really is no difference.

Immigration has no wrong benefits for anybody. As a matter of fact, it can help the country they are in, to be better in economic life and will benefit the same. Culture in the United States is not the best but it could change and has changed over the years.

If there is not deportation

When there is no deportation people get a bit more freedom in their life. A great relief they get because it is good news. There are many reasons people should get deported and they are very interesting to give a thought about, to ourselves. One reason that it would be good for people to stop deporting is that many families would be helped and it would benefit the economic society with them getting more workers.

Another good reason would be that the population in one country might be too high so there would be a better life if they migrated elsewhere so they can live with them being more comfortable.

Helping the country

People may think that immigrants are trouble but it is actually turned around. They as a matter of fact are very helpful. These people are hard-working and are very educated.

The economic society can get benefited from the way immigrants help the country. Their work can help to make the country better and increase the economic society growth. Not just that but helpful along with other people. People also need help with their families sometimes and this is another way immigrants help each other. This changes the culture in a way that helps people understand each other and what they go through.


This concludes that immigration is helpful even though many people think that it just brings up troubles. immigration changing culture is good for the reason that the way society works gets help. Like said culture changing in the U.S gives benefits and help in any perspective you would look at it. depending on what people think is how culture can change and in what way. All this can make sense if your life has changed into a better life for the reason of the culture changes in the U.S. This has gone through for many years and so far many people's lives have been good enough to be successful. 

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