Impact of Embarrassing Moments on Our Future


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People sometimes do some weird thing that they even think is weird. There are some moments in all of our lives called embarrassing moments. You too surely did something that you weren’t supposed to do but you did it accidentally. Let share one of our friend situation in the Ph.D. class. He needs to submit his dissertation. He didn’t prepare the dissertation from the start of the semester so it was last minute effort to make a good-looking dissertation. The bad thing that happened that day that professor and students all the classes free. So the professor started to check some of the dissertations. It came to the turn to check his dissertation the professor run a plagiarism check and it was 50% copied. So the professor started reading. After a few chapters somehow our friend ended up explain fairy tales and comics in the dissertation. He himself didn’t know how he ended up here. Many people make this kind of mistake in their dissertation. We highly recommend taking Professional Dissertation Help and save yourself from this kind of humiliation. Does the question arise that do embarrassing situations make people change their life?

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The answer to the question is more or less complex and mindset change. But don’t worry here is the summary of the answer. Depending on the number of people and intensity of humiliation the life of a person may change. The chances of change in some life also vary from person to person. Let look at these in further


The level and intensity of an embarrassing situation can make people change their life. Some events and activities last for some minutes and stay with you for eternity. For example: dropping a cup of tea or a glass of wine is really not that embarrassing. Almost no one is going to change their lifestyle due to this kind of embarrassment. But now imagine you drinking mango juice wearing white pants. You know what next going to happen. You suddenly drop you juice on pant, especially near your private parts. Now the stains look that you have urinated in your pants. In this kind of condition, some people will decide that they will never wear any kind of while pant or shirts. This shows the complete change in styling and lifestyle in a person’s life.


Your overall reaction after the moment can also change the effect of the scenario for the future. If you are smart enough you handle the situation like a pro showing that it is normal. But some people are as fast thinker like other and even do more embarrassing thing as a small approach to reduce the humiliation of the previous event. For example. You are on your first date. You think you have found the best partner you can hope for. You and the other person start to eat the food. But here comes the circumstance. You start to choke and in a deprecating need of water. Now their approach a person can take in this scenario. Let’s start with the ugliest approach. You pick up the flower pot filled with water and drink it to stop the choking. Most certainly your partner will think you a rude and unmannered guy. The second and better approach is that you run to the restroom and drink some water from a tap. After that, you clean yourself and come back to the table, and explaining the situation in a laughable tone. It will certainly retain the personality or even may strong the attachment and connection between your partner.

Another decent approach you can take is to ask your neighboring table if they lend you a glass of water as you in desperate need. Mostly no will say no to you as they can see your face and see the choking scenario. This also saves your ego while not shaming yourself.

Number of people

Another thing that matter whether an awkward state of affairs make people change their life is the number of people involved in the event or action. To clear this imagine you something wrong several people also do the same mistake. In this scene, you won’t feel or as humiliated. Now imagine you giving a speech in front of a countless number of people and you do something really embracing. In the conditions, you will most definitely feel so much awkward. You will just wish that anybody hasn’t noticed it. But there is coming back.

Contact or relation of people

Another thing related to the number of people in contact or relation of people. The overall relation with people will determine whether a person will change his or her lifestyle after a certain experience. The amount of contact with people around the embarrassing situation also determines whether that person will consider changing his or her habits. Just imagine if you do some stupid in front of your friends you mostly won’t feel much. Instead, you are some funny memories for the future. Now take an example of leading a presentation and showing it to unknown people. Doing something uncomfortable in this situation will surely increase your chances to change your life.

This the factor that can determine whether a person with changes his and her life depending on an awkward situation. For your help and comfort, we have also mentioned some ways to overcome embarrassing situations.

Right tense

All embarrassment takes place in the historical. Hypothetically, if you were bright to continue at the moment flawlessly, you wouldn’t sense a grain of awkwardness. Because all those memories secret your brain have occurred to a dissimilar time and position. Now comprehend being existing to the minute is nearly difficult when you are undergoing that warped knot intimate in your belly that says things like, ‘You can’t be expected with anything, you idiot!’ and are sensing the physiological indications of humiliation. But if you can recollect for even a minute here or there to shift your attention to the present-day, you will be dismissed of unnecessary anguishes.

Stop apologizing

This thing is counterintuitive for most of us. We are decently deliberate that if we express regret, It will coming back to feeling usual. Even if we have made an apology like five minutes preceding that moment. We are supposed to be apology addicts. ‘Just one more apology and I’ll sense okay.’ No. You won’t. In point, you will feel poorer. As, all over again, your thoughtfulness is on the earlier, not on the present, where you don’t need to make an apology for anything. So stop it already.

Visit humiliations past

This one will aid you to keep stuff in perception. Do you know when you believed you really were going to pass away or at least you desired to? In reflection, not a huge deal, right? As an application, you must enlist your top five embarrassments.

Here are some ways to overcome your embarrassing situations. We highly recommend that you don’t need to be shy about something you know is wrong. Just remember to act with your mind and plan some of the stuff you going to do. Such as you plan your dissertation so you don’t end up like our friend. To minimize any chance of awkwardness in the dissertation takes Professional Dissertation Help. Take care of yourself and use your mind wisely.

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