Impact Of Mass Media On Children’S Eating Habits

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The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating Document explains all kinds of foods we need in our daily diet. It tells us what grains and meat we should regularly eat to keep our bodies healthy and satisfied. Not only does it have picture examples of what are good for us, it also has a few things on the outside of the circle, telling us that only small amounts will be suffice. These things include of canola spray, alcoholic beverages, fast food fries and burgers, lollies and cakes. Barriers that Australians face when trying to keep to the guide is that they can sometimes go off track and eat too much, or too little, of what they’re supposed to be eating. Less than four percent of us Australians are definitely eating enough legumes and veggies however most are failing with the simple task to eat the correct amount that our bodies need.

Averagely activate boy in the range of being fourteen to eighteen years of age need to take in around two thousand to three thousand and two hundred calories per day. A male teen that spends his spare time sitting in bed and playing video games won’t need as much energy as another male teen that is constantly active outside and on his feet. The reasoning to this is because athletic male teens need around more of two thousands to five thousand calories in total a day to keep their body up and running with the amount of exercise they are doing.

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Fast food restaurants are quick to usher children and teens into buying their products because at a young age it is most likely that they have yet learnt to cook and are not bothered and/or are too lazy to even attempt it. Most people of my age, younger and even older, are impatient when hungry and want food within minutes that they don’t have to wait on for long so this makes fast food look like a good option. Fast food investors and company owners know that children are to watch TV after and before school hours so they seemingly post their ads within those times. They know that children of this generation do not worry much about the calories they are taking in and that they don’t stress about their weight like adults this. This gives them the perfect audience to target. The media and TV commercials can convince anyone of anything.

I reckon that even if they are all influential people, it would be hard to correct peoples eating ways. Children and young adults, for many years, have found it easy to depend on fast food to give them pleasantly tasty meals within minutes, so trying to convince them all to eat healthier by making their own food would not only be an unsuccessful task but will put many kids, working in the fast food industry, out of jobs. Although, it really is an important matter so I would suggest that professional film directors start making children friendly movies and TV shows that can show adolescents what constantly eating that way can do to your body. It sounds boring but I feel as though if it were to be musical and colorful more and more children will find it easier to watch and understand. I also feel like fast food restaurants should have more options of healthier foods. They can also make their foods with less fatty ingredients and healthier oils. In conclusion, I feel as though as both the people of the world and people working behind the counters should all put effort into each other’s eating habits.


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