Impact of Pubg and Game Addiction on Young Adults

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  • Abstract
  • Introduction:
  • Literature Review
  • Objective:
  • Methodology:
  • Data Interpretation and Results
  • Findings and Discussion


My study of the focus is on the impact that pubg game has on individuals especially on young adults. We are living in a society which has rapid transformation due to development of technologies. People are addicted into many things but addiction of game has become a completely different perspective. My study is on impact of pubg game on young adults. In my study I am using a questionnaire method and also using 30 respondents for my data analysis with the help of Google forms. Through the study we will analyze the time they spend on playing the game and how it affects their daily life.

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Mobiles are frequently used nowadays by people especially smart phones. Using a smart phone has created a trend due to which is why most of the people in India use smart phone. Smart phones has many features especially due to improvement of the technology there were many features which were easily available for example access to internet, camera, play store, newspaper apps, social media, etc .Before games all started with Nokia keypad phone which had game called snakes. In the year 2008 app store was launched which had access to games. Few of the popular phones games in 2019 are Ludo king, candy crush, call break multiplayer, pubg, coin master, 8 ball pool etc. Games are form of an entertianment.but had never thought that game can kill people. Games can also have extremities in an individual life.

In the year 2017 PUBG (PLAYER UNKNOWNS BATTLE GROUND) was launched by BRENDAN GREENE. The game was divided into classical mode and arcade mode. In arcade mode, there are different types of mission or mode available to play. In classic mode, there are three type of map present so players choose own map and then they can play it. Before few day one update was came with one new map, that map’s name is Shanhok. Remains two maps name are Miramar & Erangel. This is why GREENE became father of pubg as he was a founder.

Pubg is the trending game in India. As 400 million people play pubg around the world in India 120 million users use this game. Before people used to come out and play outdoor games. Earlier people were not addicted to the games in phone; they used to enjoy screaming out with friends in their colony. Due to advancement of technology things changed. People started playing games in phone and children are also getting addicted to phones. Pubg was also one of the famous games which made a trend setter in India. It not trended as a game people started using YouTube in order to help people winning the game. People started making pubg shirts, cakes, themes for wedding and making tiktok videos on them. Almost 8 out of 10 installed pubg game from play store or I store. No one was really aware about the conditions and people started playing day and night.

As people say too good is too bad. People started playing this game very often and also for longer period of time. People were not exactly aware about the ill-effects of this game yet. Problems people might have undergone are lack of sleep, nerve weakness, addiction, lack of social life, vision problems the gaming disorder recognized by UNO, child’s mental issues, anxiety, muscle weakness, headaches, exposure to excessive violence. According to DSM-5 internet gaming disorder is from the age group of 12-20. Because you are playing with real people and can interact with them, players, especially children, lose the distinction between real and virtual. Ultimately there is a huge effect on the mental health of the child.

Literature Review

The study on how the impact of pubg has become sophisticated on an individual life and how it affects an individual society in which they live in. The article by Seetha Ram Hall about the impact on youth and modern society of India in 2019 which talks about how in general video games has made greater impact on individuals . Video games especially in smart phones due to development of technology has become easier for the individuals to use them at various times and also has made greater impact on wider part of society.

He is also explaining about the game modes and how they have become so much addicted . He explained regarding the pros and consequences of pubg game. He told that it is advantage to play the game for improvement of hand eye coordination, critical thinking abilities, motor skills, social skills enhancement. Consequences would be addiction, health issues, the compulsion to play, poor academic performance.

As far I have understood from the article Ram sir is explaining regarding the game and also advantages and disadvantages of playing the games in general but related to pubg as a whole. But he totally forgot to explain regarding the psychological problems and societal problems it can lead to and also talk only about how it affects people with any video game as general.

I also referred to the article by the timenews which is trying to warn the parents of school kids regarding the harmful impacts of pubg . this article warns the parents so that parents are aware of how addiction of pubg can have a serious impact on not only teenagers but also have impact on kids who normally go to school. They mention that there could be serious mental damage because of playing the video game pubg.


  1. To know the impact of PUBG
  2. To understand the level people awareness of the impact.
  3. Smart phones importance in 21st century.


This study data is collected through the questionnaire method and through Google forms. The sample size is collected through simple random sampling method. Questions are all based on general questions related to social, psychological and physical aspects. This study makes us understand the impact of individuals on particularly pubg. There are 20 related questions which has to be filled by the respondents for further study analysis.

Data Interpretation and Results

Thorough this we can tell that most of the people who belong to the young adults are the people who play more of this game compared to other people and mostly males are the individuals who wants to play the game . through this we also can get to how smart phones play a very important role in an individual's life due the development of technology which has become a most important part of society. People are completely aware of the consequences of the games playing but do not want to take a step towards it.

Findings and Discussion

We could analyze that most of the people especially males are the people who are exploited towards these effects compared to females. In today's society due to development of the technology people are into smart phones and these access has become so much important because it has become a type of trend settings for people to use them. These smart phones help us doing many things and also provide games to play. Playing has set so much of trend that people keep playing them for many hours. Time hours spend for pubg playing before the ban was for about 7-8 hours and now after ban it's for about 2-3 hours daily.

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