Impact of Radio in Rural Area

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Impact Of Radio in Rural Area

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Table of Contents

  • Background Of The Study
  • Problem Statement
  • Research Objectives
    Research Questions
    Problem Statement
    Significant Of The Scope
    Scope Of The Study
    Limitation Of The Study
  • Methodology
  • Organization Of The Study

Background Of The Study

This chapter seeks to introduce the subject matter of the study, problem of the study, it also deals with the objectives and questionnaire of the study, how important the study is, the scope as well as the limitation of the study and literature review.

Radio is an important tool in Ghana that provides voice for the voiceless and allows rural areas to play an active role in rural development. It is the best tool for getting information to the illiterate and poor communities since it is affordable, immediate, and accessible and allows multitasking. Radio is one of the mass media in which majority of the people in the rural areas listen to since they do not have access to other mass media such as internet, television and newspaper. Most radio stations operate by speaking both local language and English and majority of the radios broadcast in local language for both the educated and uneducated listeners to understand what they are putting out there.

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Radio has created a great impact on rural area development and this impact has reflected on health, education, agriculture, family planning, socialization etc. Kumar (2004) identified radio as an avenue for participatory communication and as a tool relevant in both economic and social development. The rate of rural development Has been so slow that it has been unnoticed or neglected for many decides of studies in rural development have shown that radio has been looked upon as the sole agent for change and development in the rural areas. Therefore radio has played a role in rural area development situations.

Problem Statement

Research Objectives

The objective of the study is to:

  1. To identify which kind of radio and programs they listen to.
  2. To determine if radio stations have impact on rural areas development.
  3. To find out the main contributions of radio to the development of rural areas

Research Questions

The following research questions will guide the study of:


  1. What kind of radio and programmed does rural areas listen to?
  2. Does radio have positive impact on rural areas?
  3. How does radio contribute to the development in rural areas?

Problem Statement

In stating the problem statement of the impact of radio on rural areas using Daaso as a case study, we noticed that many problem existed. Rural communities lacked proper information relaying system in terms of government policies programs and packaged messages that are rural oriented as the government communicate to the rural communities through radio it has been difficult to involve people in the process. There are more uneducated in the rural communities who do not know what is going on the country and their environments.

This also adds to the showing no interest attitude of some rural dwellers to be listening to radio broadcast programs. This is because most of the programs are not broadcast in their mother tongues which the rural dwellers will understand. Furthermore majority of the people living in rural communities are farmers and they depend on agriculture for their livelihood for example food is grown there to feed the whole nation, drought,infestation and diseases,drought are felt there as well as research being conducted in the rural areas. Therefore there is the need to inform them about the weather and raining conditions as well as what is happening in and around world in order for them to adapt to any varying situations.

Significant Of The Scope

This stage will be important because it will outline how radio can have impact on rural areas.

Scope Of The Study

The research is done in a rural community called Daaso which is the case study of the project work. Daaso is a populated place at Ashanti region in Ghana (Africa) with the region font code of Africa/Middle East. It is located at elevation of 263 meters above sea level and it population amount to 36,409.

Limitation Of The Study

This project certainly has some limitations and is not likely that I can cover the whole scope of the study. Tthis research is limited to dwellers at Daaso village and the kind of radio and programmers’ they listen to,that has impacted on them and their communities.


This part explains how the research will be conducted in a specific way using the right methods for collecting and analyzing data. It will cover the target population of the study, sampling method used (cluster, convenience and simple random sampling) data collection methods that is observation, face to face interviews and survey, research ethics, validity and reliability to complete the research.

Organization Of The Study

This study comprises of background send introduction of the study, problem statement, objective’s and question, significance of the study as well as the scope, limitations, literature review, methodology, operational definitions and references.

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