Impact of Religion on Society Globally Or not

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Social Institution is very important within any society. Social Institution establishes norms and rules that people follow. Not everyone follows these rules, but most do and their everyday actions are influenced by them. Now when it comes to religion it can be very diverse. This reason being because many people have different religions. Although most religions boil down to the same aspect of being respectful. On the other hand there are religions like cults that depend on a leader to be inspirational to the followers. Overall religion institutions don’t really have the largest impact because most people don’t exactly follow religion. They may say they do but they but most don’t commit. Impact of religion on society great or not?

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For those who do follow religion, and truly commit, are definitely impacted by it. Basic needs of religion are concern after death, the meaning of suffering and loss, and lastly desire to connect with a creator. I know I am not the only one who is interested in what happens after they die. That is very controversial when it comes to religion. Many people want to understand why they endure pain and suffering in life. Everyone questions why certain things happen to them, and it mostly occurs after the death of a loved one. Lastly, people want to connect with their creator for guidance in life, or guidance to the afterlife.

There are many norms related to religion. The three main types are: attending worshiping services, contributing money, and following the teachings. For Christianity and other similar religions they meet on Sundays to worship and thank God for everything he does for them. They will meet in public synagogues , mosques, or churches. Large numbers of people participate in this among small communities. Although, in larger communities people may not have time or they don’t feel the need for religion. Religious groups may ask for money to help support them. Some religious meeting places have had problems with this, but most do not. They may ask for the money to buy things that will increase the quality of the service being provided. For example: new bibles within a church. They also may ask for money so they can fund for trips to go and help other people in need. This is common among some religious groups. Another norm is following the teachings of the religion. This is the main one that is not so often followed. As a human myself I do not always do this. People become distracted by materialistic things such as: cars, money, and or lust. This is a big kicker in religion, and some religions will not allow their followers to do these things or they are kicked from the organization.

Personally, I do not believe religion has as large of a impact as it did. Mainly because as humans we have become more connected and have lost interest in religion and have gained interest in more materialistic things. If everyone in a society was forced to follow the same religion I feel that the society would be very simple. Although, in the world we live in there is so much diversity that religion may not have that large of an impact. 

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