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Impact Of Social Media On #Me Too Movement

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The “#me too movement” is a movement that started due to a lot of prevalence on sexual harassment and assault in the work place.

Since its start it has fairly done well considering the fact that in the past women and girls were expected to shut up non any sexual advancement from a man that they could not acknowledge. It has brought light to what people go through in the name of a job.

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However, some men have fallen victims in the case where women misuse the movement and go on to accuse them with things that aren’t real and since most courts “favor” them, they win.

A question that might be lingering in the minds of many men is the scope of the movement, does it only cater or champion for feminine issues? Does it mean that there are no men who are suffering in silence because they have been side looked as being the only perpetrators of the assault?

Despite its welcome and long-overdue efforts to vindicate the targets of sexual misconduct and protect women from being preyed on by their bosses and colleagues in the future, the cause has some features of a purge, short-circuiting due process and seeking not only redress but sometimes also revenge, agrees.

The movement gives the victims comfort when they learn others have gone through the same thing allowing them to feel more confident and to be able for talk to those people which may give them closure or a chance to push that past aside and move on with their life; People can share support for others without fear of that person being attacked and ridiculed.

However, if the person is named the public has already decided he/she is guilty and they may not be, legally the person is innocent but in the eyes in the public an accusation is the truth; the person gets attacked by people online who are hostile and very aggressive telling the person to do bad things and just hating on them; false rape accusations are much more easier now: the victim doesn’t get to throw his rapist in prison (if she had evidence) instead of leaving a paper trail for police to use later against the person (even if the person doesn’t get convicted) with that paper trail the judge and people can be more confident that the person needs to go to prison in a later case.


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