Impact of Stress Among Public Sector Employees with Special Reference to Tiruchirappalli

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Banking acts as background of modern competitive economy. It overlays way to growth and development of modern economy. It also has major responsibility towards the efficient functioning of an economy. So, employees in banking sectors has to play major role in competitive environment. They have to face lot of pressure in their day to day activities. Each and every employees may undergo stress. Stress plays vital role in banking sector. Nowadays, everything have become computerised and employees also very much pressurised in completing their work within stipulated time. This study mainly to know about stress level of public sector employees. Nearly 21 public sector banks are in Tiruchirappalli (Dt).out of which 6 banks have chosen based on large number of transaction. Sample size chosen for this study was 100 respondents. Chi-square test used to test the hypothesis.

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Stress is an adaptive response to ecological strains or stressors that generates a flying response. This reaction generate hormonal changes that activate the body for unusual strains. Stress has become usual part of our life , some person can effectively avoid it . Stress as the design of responsive conditions and functional responses happening in reaction to strains from internal or external organisations. Employees develop responsive or physical problems as a result of stress. The difficulties may be short-term or stable and they may be triggered by causes at work or out of the place of work. No one is protected to stress, for it can distress employees at all stages of the organisation. Stress is universal term realistic to burdens people feel in life. The existence of stress at work is nearly unavoidable in many works. However, different adjustments main reason for a wide range of reaction to stress. When burden starts to buildup, it can cause contrary stress on person’s emotions, thought, processes and physical condition. When stress develop extremely, employees feel many signs of stress that can affect their job performance and health and threathen their skill to manage with the situation. People who are strained may become panicky and frequently troubled. They are easily triggered to irritation and are inept to ease.


Stress be either short term or permanent which range from small to large. It mostly depend on which it continues, person able to handling stress.


Burnout refers to feeling empty and fully exhausted mentally . environment in which employees are very sensitive,frustrated over work and able to achieve organisational objectives. It ultimately reduce productivity and suck all energy of individual. It usually arises in long term.

Sign and symptoms of Burnout:

Burnout is slow poison it doesn’t happen over night.

Always feel tired and total time exhausted.

Frequent headaches,low immunity power,often fell into sick. They feel anaemic.

Emotional sign:

They don’t have selfconfidence

Lack of motivation

Feel lonely


Don’t be satisfied and sense of accomplishment

Behavioural sign:

Not accepting responsibility

Be isolated

Taking longer time to complete work

Frustrated on others

Avoid doing work coming late and early in morning


Another simple creation of stress named trauma, happens owing to a main danger to one’s safety. The occasion could be a usual tragedy, an structural disaster, affected operative exploitation by the employer or personal job loss.

Review of literature:

“Amir shani and Abrahampizam” aimed in their study to know the depression of work among hotel employees in central Florida. From this it was concluded that there was association between occupational stress and work.

“viiJeonJ.P. and Rothmann” entitled in their study that there was association between occupational stress, ill health and organisational commitment. The result was concluded that stressors significantly contributed to ill health and they have low organisational commitment. As there were no security in job it has adversely affected both physical and psychological ill health. Each and every individual committed towards organisation was very low and it was predicted by five stressors namely work life balances, overload, control, job aspect and pay.

“Bordia pat.el “ in his research work opined that due to rumors they faced stress a lot. Researcher concluded the study by researcher offers temporary idea which was verbal symbols of psychological environment which prevails within an organisation.

“Clarke.E” (2006) in his research article titled “Pressure soars stress management” had more influence of stress in workplace and also to determine the extent to which strategies to be adopted by companies to relieve from stress. From this study, it was found that behaviour of manager helped to reduce the work related stress.

“S.Collins and B.Parry Jones (2000) researched that satisfaction of employees, high pressure and stress among social work in the united kingdom. The data was obtained from data analysis and it was correlated with social workers and particular academics in general.

Scope of the study:

The study was to know the stress level of employees which inversely affect the output of employees. The study was mainly to know the level of stress and the strategies used to overcome it. The study was conducted among public sector bank employees in Tiruchirappalli (Dt).

Objectives of the study:

To observe the several reasons of stress among bank employees

To identify the indications of stress which habitually have emotional impact of the performance of employees.

To know the tactics used to overcome stress


H0: There is no association between age and causes of stress.

Ha: There is association between age and causes of stress

Data collection:

This study is an analytical one and comprises of both primary and secondary data. Primary data are collected through questionnaire which was given to public sector bank employees. Secondary data are collected from books, journals and from various internet sources.

Sampling Technique:

A Multistage sampling has been followed to find out the stress level of employees. The first stage is the selection of a district, Tiruchirappalli (dt) has been chosen for the study. The second stage is to choose public sector bank employees. The third stage is to select the respondents from total population of public sector bank employees.

Sample size:

In Tiruchirappalli (dt) there were 21 public sector banks, out of which 6 banks has taken for study. It was chosen based on more number of branches and transaction also more.100 respondents have been chosen for this study.

Statistical Tool:

Tool used for this study was chi square test which helped to find out the association between variables.

Analysis and Interpretation of the Study:

Gender wise Classification of the Respondents:


28% of respondents belong to age group of 25 -30 years

73% of the respondents are male

24 % of the respondents are getting salary in between 30,001-40,000

45% of the respondents felt that excess workload was the major cause of stress.

25% of the respondents felt that they are getting anger quickly with other employees.

25% of the respondents engaged themselves with managing time and be optimistic.


Managing stress is very difficult task for the employees. Due to high level of stress performance of employees get affected. There are number of factors which leads to stress. Most of the employees not able balance the work and life. It ultimately affect their personal life. Employees should engage themselves by yoga, meditation, Physical exercise, and also by means of entertainment. At same time employees should not always engage in work and they must have some relaxation which helps to lead peaceful life.


Most of the bank employees are in stressful environment. They find difficult to cope with fastest technological environment. Many camps and awareness programmes should also be conducted. Whenever employee feel frustrated they should be motivated and encouraged to do their work. Games to be conducted to relax and relief from stress.

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