Impact of Technological Growth in Healthcare and Medical Tourism


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In the modern era can be considered as the age of enhanced health services management due to enhanced technology. Healthcare is one of the basic and fundamental requirements of people that need proper care for alleviating health hazards in the tourism sector. As obtained by Skurka (2017), for proper healthcare, it is evident to practice effective information management inside the tourism sector. However, hospitals are correlated with health services. Hence, fundamental understanding variables are related to this topic. In current world, technology plays a crucial role in many industry as well as in our individual lives. 

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Out of all of the industries that technology plays a significant role in, healthcare is definitely one of the most important. This incorporation is responsible for improving and saving countless lives all around the world. Transparency is the answer to health services management without maintaining transparency is impossible to serve people (Green and Thorogood, 2018). Medical tourism is effective in order to help people who are suffering from critical diseases to cure themselves taking proper health services from a different place around the world. On the other hand, the cost is a key factor of healthcare services as without cost-effectiveness hospitals cannot draw all section of people.

Hospital and health service management is ever evolving branch of management and due to interventions of different studies in this field (Zingget al. 2015). An interesting area of the study is to understand the interventions of technology in management, which can lead to improving management practice quality.Application of technology seen more widely in the healthcare management field, hence the managerial process study can help to improve technological knowledge, application in the managerial field. Future study can help to develop an effective technique of application of the latest technologies in the field of management (Cooke and Bartram, 2015).

The implement of Several strategies needs in order to enhance medical tourism. Similarly,If health services management work using collaborative approach then highly possible to understanding teamwork and also get an option to evaluate leadership quality. On the other hand, main important factor education, if staff is educated by time to time may lead to improvement in health care thus in order to become a professional health caregiver, it is vital to understand needs of patients.

As per global analysis health services observed that advanced technology implementation has developed the services remarkably. As for an example, so many health organizations sectors are using evidence-based management in their organization. Applying enhanced technology, in turn, is developing the organizational culture (Dietz et al. 2015). Hence, employees of a hospital are gathering apt data through this evidence-based management and serving people properly. Hence, the inclusion of these developed technologies can be considered as bliss for healthcare services.

Attribution theory is more applicable in the field of hospital management. This theory applied to measure success factors and factors of failure associated with healthcare services. The error detection also can be done with the application of attribution theory in the field of hospital management (Dietz et al. 2015). On the other hand, depth knowledge of hospital management practices can help to elevate the skill level of a professional in the field of evidence-based management practices. Evidence-based management theory can increase the analytical ability of hospital managers this, in turn, can help to increase the insights of the managers in the field of hospital management.

The present research depends on secondary data analysis, which required a good assessment of previous research paper on the following topic. Vähätalo and Kallio (2015) stated that modularity is an important key factor for improving the health-care sector. Thus in order to collect better data on this topic, different health services websites are being assessed alongside different peer-reviewed journals are studied. According to Al-Khatib et al. (2016), In a similar vein, data of these researches are qualitative as well as quantitative in nature as the pieces of evidence are factual in nature. Additionally, most of the data collected from various tourism centers of UK in order to enhance their health condition by traveling to a different country.

However, Cooke and Bartram (2015) argued that it impossible to act same throughout every research for a data set. Hence, the inclusion of random data from the previous analysis may reduce data viability of research. In this study critically analyze done by collecting different data from empirical sources are included. To enhance the authenticity of study secondary sources are chosen based on their reliability and from different trusted sources (Schwartz et al. 2015). Secondary sources are identified according to the main topic of this research.

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