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The Gallipoli Campaign was a significant factor in World War I that had both large and small effects on the rest of the war. In order to consider the significance of the Gallipoli Campaign, one must consider the different ways in which this event was significant. This event was primarily significant to the British, the Austrians and New Zealanders Army Corps (ANZACs), and the Turks. This was a very significant event to them. Its impact was on all the countries but there were some that it did have a more significant effect on than others. Over time, the significance of the Gallipoli Campaign has declined to the countries that were involved in the battle, and did not impact them as greatly.

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The Gallipoli Campaign a World War I battle that took place from February 1915- January 1916. The main place it took place was in Gallipoli, Turkey. This was mainly a battle that occurred on land, but also in the water. One side of this war was the Allies which consisted of, the British, Frech, and the ANZACs. The opposite side included, the Germans and the Turks. The main purpose of this battle was the Allies trying to gain control over the Dardanelle Straits, this meant the Turks and Germans were aiming to protect their land and drive the Allies out Turkey. The Allies wanted the straits because they wanted to open a sea route to Russia, so the British could have access to supplies. This would have made the British stronger, and have an advantage over the Turks. The Turks needed to avoid this from happening as much as they could, because they would then have less power than they initially had. The Gallipoli Campaign was a significant battle during World War I, that aimed for many different goals for different countries.

The Gallipoli Campaign was significant to the British because this changed how they performed in the rest of the war, it also had a huge impact on the families and people at home. Their war efforts had to change dramatically because how much of a failure the Battle of Gallipoli resulted in. In result to how many people the British lost, they had to create and enforce a draft. They created the draft which forced men to enlist into the war, all men were enlisted into the draft whether they wanted to or not. In result to the men having to leave home and jobs being left empty, this caused women to take over the jobs of the men that had left. The women were left working longer shifts due to the lack of employment. The lives at home changed dramatically, the economy was declining rapidly due to the lack of workers in the work industry. Many workers also participated in strikes, they all focused mainly on the drop of the wages. The campaign is no longer life changing to the British, although they still remember it, as it was significant to them. A memorial was created in honor of the Gallipoli Campaign, this was created in Cenotaph, London, in 1919-1920. This was made specifically to honor those that were lost in the Gallipoli Campaign, and those that fought. To this day the memorial still stands, and you can visit it and honors those who served. The Gallipoli Campaign resulted in many lost lives to the British population, this forced the men and women at home to adjust to their lives and function in different ways. The country continued to grow and strive after their defeat at the Battle of Gallipoli, and continued to fight for their countries in later battles.

The Austrians and New Zealanders Army Corps were affected by the war in a more positive way compared to the other countries, because they were then taken seriously as a country which was significant to the development of their country. They joined the war to attempt to prove themselves as a country, and shape them as a nation. They did face consequences that included losing men, and also losing resources; although they did reach their goals. The ANZACs were a newly developed country, which is consequently the reason that other countries did not feel as if they needed to be threatened by them. Many countries believed in the thought that you should, “shed blood for you country”, in order to be dedicated and serious. They joined the war which worked out in their favor, they defeated the allies and proved their country was powerful and should be feared. The ANZACs still remember the battle because this is where they proved their independence, which is why they created ANZAC day. ANZAC day in on April 25, and is celebrated every year. On this day they celebrate those that were lost in the war, and those that had survived and made it home. There was also a memorial created for the ones that were lost in the Gallipoli Campaign. The ANZAC memorial museum, which was created and is located in Hyde Park, in the Southern part of the City of Sydney. This was a success to the ANZAC’s because they were taken seriously after their victory against the British, which is why they now celebrate it as a country because it is when they became a country in the eyes of most people. They honor the Gallipoli Campaign despite the people they lost, they were united after this occurrence and continued to fight for this country after the battle.

The Gallipoli Campaign was significant to the Russians because the impact that it had on their country, and how it was affected afterwards. The Russian monarchy was almost completely destroyed, which led them to have to rebuild years later. The country was very limited on their resources because how much they lost, and how long the war lasted and used their resources. Just like the British the Russians also suffered greatly at home, the women had to step up and perform the jobs that the men were doing. Many of the factories and the businesses were facing many issues. There were many health problems going on in this time period, the economy was also very unstable and they could not rebuild directly after the war. Not only was the country facing economic problems, their leader Czar Nicholas II was executed which left them without a leader and weaker than they already were. The Russians were very let down because of the Gallipoli Campaign because they joined the war to gain more power and hold the power that they had already had, but they came out weaker and lacking leadership. When they joind the war their expectations were not as high as they should have been, they were defeated and were left with many consequences to deal with after their defeat at the Battle of Gallipoli, which they later had to deal with and face.

The Turks and the Ottomans won the Battle of Gallipoli, this was a significant factor in World War I for them because they defeated the British, but this also had a significant impact of how the country was left after the war. This was a great victory for them because they defeated one of the strongest armies in World War I. Although they won, this did not help them in a positive way later in the war. After the war, the Ottoman Empire was being dismantled, but the Turks used their pride and nationalism that came from Gallipoli Campaign to launch their fight for their independence. To this day the Gallipoli Campaign is still remembered by the Ottomans and the Turks. The Turks remember their lost leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. On November 10, they remember their leader that guided them through the battle and led them to victory. In Turkey the Canakkale bridge is being constructed to remember the battle. It is honoring the year 1915, which was during the Gallipoli Campaign and World War I. The Ottomans and the Turks were not as greatly affected with short term effects, rather than long term effects. The country did win the Gallipoli Campaign, but it did not help them greatly; yet they still feel the need to celebrate this event and honor those that were lost.

Although the Gallipoli Campaign had large effects on the countries at the time, it helped develop the countries to shape them into what they are now, which is significant because they still use it to guide them to this day. Many countries were affected in dramatically different ways. Some had to completely rebuild their nation, some people were stripped of their lands, and some countries used this the Gallipoli Campaign to lead themselves to victory. Countries were left weakened after the battle but this did not affect the war later on. Those who lost the campaign were more successful at the end of World War I, rather than those that won the campaign and were left with very little money and resources. The Gallipoli Campaign helped introduce new technologies and war tactics. The campaign also set a trend that was popular between all the World War I battles. Trench warfare was a popular war tactic that was developed at the Battle of Gallipoli, after this battle trench warfare was used in all the battles in the rest of World War I. Overtime the Gallipoli Campaign was not a source of major effects on the rest of the war; it did change how the rest of the battles were done and fought.

The Gallipoli Campaign did not impact the war itself, although it was significant to the countries that were involved in the war, and did impact them individually. It also had a large impact on how the battles were fought and the technologies that were used. The Gallipoli Campaign was significant because of how it affected the main countries that were involved in the battle. Not only did it affect the country overall it also affected the lives at home, businesses, and the overall way of life to these people. The Battle of Gallipoli helped shape the way of the war and the countries involved in it. It built relationships between countries and helped form alliances. It is remembered as a remarkable battle in history that has shaped our country, and our relationships with other countries. This battle will be remembered by all of the countries and groups that were involved in it, many years from now. 

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