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Video games, an electronic game in which players control images on a video screen. In 1958 physicist William Higinbotham developed a video game which is thought to be the first ever. The video game had no name but is a very similar version of Pong, which was released in 1972 to the public. The game is compared to tennis and is very similar in a way. There are two players in the game and they hit a ball back and forth and the objective of the game of is to get the ball past your opponent as the game goes on the speed of the ball goes faster. The development of video games has come a long way, from playing pong on a onen game console to playing on virtual reality. Not to mention what the future holds. A very big reason for video games to be loved so much is that they take people out of a sometimes miserable life into something they enjoy. This can be a huge factor for why they are loved but there are more. Many feel a sense of accomplishment when they finally complete that level, or defeat the boss, or complete 100 percent of the game. On top of that games are a healthy place to get rid of anger, stress and even anxiety. 

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In video games, females are criticized, underestimated and never usually given a chance to show their worth. That is not the case with men though. Did you know that there are around 75 million female gamers, and that men between the ages of 10 – 25 on represent 15 percent of the market. Lots of people say that women are not very competitive and that sometimes leads to them getting underestimated and not given a chance to prove their worth. Obviously females are the majority gamers though that does not mean that they are better than men. Esports, is a multi or solo player video game that is played competitively for spectator typically by professional gamers. Esports, which by itself does not have the highest viewership, is dominated by men. Yes every once in awhile you see a professional gamer but it’s more common to see men play Esports than women. For example in the Overwatch league, a player called Riley “Kitty” Frost played at the Overwatch World Cup for France national team. This was a shock to everyone watching and to hear the news. 

Speaking of Esports. On estimate, the gaming industry brings in about 135 billion dollars in 2018. That is how much gamers are spending on games and others things that go along with games such as consoles, controllers, in game currency and so on. In certain games, there usually is a way to spend real money to earn or get in game currency. With that currency people can spend it on in-game loot or other virtual items. One might say that wasting copious amounts of money for things that aren’t even real is ludacris, and others might say that’s great.

Before the days of the microtransaction, people had to buy a game, a hard-wired game that most of the time was plugged in to the outlet, then that was it. Until the release of the CD-rom. With built in hard drives and the internet, once the CD-rom was paired through an online storage medium, companies finally realized that they could sell and install games online directly through an online connection. This finally allowed players to have the option to buy anything they wanted to get through the game.

As said before in certain games there is a way to spend real money to earn in-game currency. What the gamer decides to do with that money is up to them. Thus the people must learn about management through video games. A big portion of video games have a way to receive loot or money. With that money those players must know what to do with it, with time and experience, they will understand how it works and be an expert in that area. Now, how this relates to real life is by using what you know to your benefit. For example, if a player receives 100 credits, and they choose to save it up for the best item in the game, this can be compared to putting money in their savings account or just saving up money. Not to mention mobile games in which the objective a margin of games is to go around and loot, trade and sell.

After a long day of school, many choose to play video games to take a break from learning but what people don’t know is that they are learning a lot even when they are playing a video game. Video games are not only a way to enjoy or pass the time but people can also learn a lot from video games. What people don’t know is that there are educational video games but there are not necessarily needed to learn. “A good video game is challenging, entertaining, and complicated. It usually takes 50 to 60 hours of intense concentration to finish one. Even kids who can’t sit still in school can spend hours trying to solve a video or computer game.” says James Gee, an education professor. Games can teach us how to concentrate on hard tasks which normally would be very difficult. Not only can they teach us how to concentrate but they also teach how to improve our visual skills. A research from the University of Rochester in New York says that players between the ages of 18-23 were better at monitoring what was around them, keep track of more objects at one time and pick out items in a clutter faster then those who play minimally or don’t play at all. 

Video games can also be a way for elderly and disabled people to do what they can and have fun doing it. Elderly most often are to weak to do any sport or even move at all. For the most part. But since the evolution of video games elders have been given a second option. A stay-at-home option to exercise. This can be done with Wii sport, which allows a person to actively move and and play a sport virtually.

Playing video games can also affect your brain in a very positive way. These benefits include as said before, a person’s attention span, visuospatial skills, and how the reward system works. Experimental research has been done by Marc Palaus from the University of Catalonia in Barcelona. He and his colleagues did this to see if any trends came out of the data regarding if video games had any affect on the structure and activity of our brains. They did 116 tests, 22 of which had structural changes while 110 had changes in brain functionality and/or behavior. This study proves how video games have an affect on our brains. They aren’t only good for the brain, the brain also benefits from video games a lot. Three specifics parts of the brain to be exact, the prefrontal cortex, the right hippocampus, and the cerebellum. These parts associate with memory, spatial orientation, information organization and fine motor skills. 

Why are video games so fun? Aren’t people just sitting around clicking buttons the whole time? Some might ask. video games are so fun because of how much people enjoy the similarities between themselves and the character. When a player is putting themselves in someone that isn’t fun, they enjoy it. Another reason for video games being so fun is that people get to try new things and experience things that they haven’t. When people think of video games they would think of enjoying time with their friends, interacting with new people or to make new friends. With video games now being world wide, anyone has the ability to interact with everyone. Which also creates a fun factor that a true gamer can’t describe in words.

In a life people can choose to blame others for lot of their own doing, they could procrastinate, and put themselves into a dark hole that may limit how they can succeed in the future. Playing video games may be a resolution to this bad behavior. When playing video games people will try to beat the game, which is obvious and the goal of the game. But what people don’t know is that they are building up their personal accountability. Forcing themselves to figure out a puzzle or to, challenge themselves to beat the final boss or to get 100 percent completion of a game. They don’t play games to get mad but to have fun. They don’t blame the game, or the others they play against. They play and try to figure it out by themselves, which in return builds up personal accountability. Some other benefits include include interactivity that can stimulate learning, experience novelty, creativity and challenge, motivation, and individual skill due to excitement of playing. There are a range of benefits of playing video games that not only help a person individually but also create a new form of education that pleases many due to the fact that they appeal to more people because its video games. Mark Griffiths, a professor at Nottingham Trent University, says that “Some evidence suggest that important skills may be built or reinforced by video games. For example spatial visualization ability (i.e. mentally, rotating and manipulating two or three dimensional objects) improve with video game playing.” which is under the subtopic of “Video Games as educational research tools” which is talking about video games being used as a medium to improve skills that apply to educational purposes. Some of the points he listed were: videogames can assist children in setting goals, attract participation by many individuals across demographic boundaries, videogames can be used to examine individual characteristics, and so on.

In conclusion, the basic stereo type of video games that they are bad for you and that they have no beneficial value in them has been stumped. 

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