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Impact On The Criminal Justice System

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Have you ever thought about the world you live in, on how its structure for humans in America? The only society who system and laws were establish by the founding fathers over a century ago. Throughout the century many laws have change but many of the amendments that we follow we interpret through the criminal justice system. As today the laws that are enforced by the government, the media, and political correctness play a major role and also impact the criminal justice system.

We are a nation of laws because we have to build a foundation to strengthen the government and be well run country. everyone is governed the same way. To protect people from each other. It’s to prevent crime before it happens to assure every American are safe and in order to do this we need laws. By enforcing laws it reduces crime and restricts any criminal opportunities. This restricts our freedom because we can’t do certain things because it’s for our own safety and for other too Putting restrictions on human behavior is necessary because this will take effect on laws. For example if there was no law that the use or sell or narcotic’s is illegal, than there would be many more drug dealers and higher crime rates. It will increase violence and put other people in danger for their behavior. There would be drug addicts not only that this will affect the economy. I believe we should not have less laws because this puts many restrictions we already have and always will have people who don’t follow the laws but majority of people do because they don’t want to go to jail or get fined.

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We choose law enforcement agencies to enforce our laws because they interpret the laws and do the process of criminals, like the sentencing and punishment. It’s set up to manage the person and crime that was violated. They deal in managing of crimes the law enforcement agencies exists because they are structured and base on ideas, and concerns from the community. These agencies are the police, the courts, and corrections. These agencies are divided, because when the founding fathers did not one get more powerful than the other and should all be balance. The limits of government power, duties, and also rights of individuals which is the Constitutional Law. Because they don’t they do criminal procedure the series of orderly steps and actions that are need to be taken whether a person accused on the legal rules and principles. They process criminals by going through the Bill of Rights. This was not always like this it took the publication of Crime, Justice and Correction by Paul W.T appan for the Supreme to take action more strict in the criminal justice on how the law enforcement handle crimes. This affects the civil freedoms of Americans because we go by two models, the Due process model and crime control crime model.

Another major impact in the criminal justice in the American society is the media especially in the law enforcement situation. The media increased awareness to Americans in the criminal justice process on how the police and courts handle cases. They show certain things on how procedures and rules of evidence in certain trails. The media gives the public a unbalance view of the crime or case. They also try to get their ratings in order to do this they put their views and opinions on the government on the situations that are occurring. Instead they inform the public base on their views on how the situation is handle. They never give the full details of how the situation occur only pick what they know will get the public attention and opinion how they do. The media does not have to report everything in detail or be fair in their reporting, it’s not required in the 1st amendment. The media always portrays the police men as the bad guy and the criminal as the good guy. Truth is the media does not even know the whole situation or witness it for them to opinion about it. They portray the cops of thinking they do what they want and have no reason in what actions they use on the situation, in reality people don’t realize the tension of the situation.

Media has impacted so much on how the police treat people that they are racist and discriminate people all the time and abuse their power because they have a uniform and a badge. This proves that the media has the power and basically control what people in America think, making the police loose the support of the public. Police are viewed as the enemy making people have anger and fear towards them because of what the media portrays of them. The media is very picky in what they are going to talk which is the bias by selection, or show ignoring facts could disprove a favored position which is bias by omission. This causes people to walk away with the wrong opinion in many things on how the process of criminal justice run. The media overgeneralizes and over simplifies the incidents that happen within the police and people and gave a distorted impression to the public. They also critize everything about the government of how the police handles a certain situation putting pressure on the police on how to deal with future situations. This is unfair for police because they get so much problems not from the public how they view them as the enemy but also from their job like the pressure to do their job right. They can never seem to satisfy anybody because of being a police men in trying to help and protect people.

It has been proven that the media indeed has power in what people think of a situation, like the Ferguson Missouri confrontation between the police and Michael Brown. This case many people believe and thought Michael brown was a young innocent 18 year old teenager who got shot for no reason. Many believe the story went like this, that Michael brown had his hands up and surrendering himself when that was not the case. Media portrayed the mantra “Hand up Don’t Shoot” when this never happen it was made up. Media made the case look like it was a young African American who got shot by a white cop, making people not actually see the real story and evidence and not wanting to hear anything else. To make things more complicated the Media interviewed and used witnesses that seen the incident from a far and opinion the situation was horrific what the cop did but didn’t actually seen that brown attacked Wilson. The Media did not cover both sides of the situation they don’t ever mention that Wilson was attack first and and also did not mention that brown was not going to surrender. People came to this conclusion because they see brown was black and Wilson is white so they see nothing else no matter what evidence is proven that Wilson was innocent they will always think that he was guilty and is racist, nothing will persuade them to change their minds. That his guilt base on his race which has nothing to do why the situation occurred.

What really happened was that Michael brown rob a liquor store earlier just before the shooting occurred. Brown charged towards Darren Wilson when Wilson stopped brown. Brown attacks and punches Wilson assaulting him so Wilson shot him. The grand jury did acquitted Wilson after the jury heard 3months of evidence Wilson was proven not guilty. That Wilson acted on self-defense and not charged with first degree murder or second degree murder. He was not charge because the autopsy shows that Michael brown did not attempt to flee and surrender with his hands up when Wilson shot him. There are even witnesses that claim to see and say that Wilson did indeed use legitimate using self-defense and majority of them were African American witnesses. They also supported that he use self-defense because he was being attacked. The result of the verdict, the communities of Ferguson did riots and media made it worse and stating that Ferguson is in defense of rioting making it seem its fine to use violence and destroying communities. Media sparks national conversation about white and black violence. The Media creates this false narrative of the situations that will get people attention, because they want to discredit the legitimate opposition to the real very real problem of police brutality while taking real frustration over government corruption.

This controversy did impacted on the criminal justice especially the cops, putting pressure on them how to deal with future situations like this case. It’s hard for cops because they try to do their job by protecting people and enforce the laws but cannot be done with the media and people stating they are bad people and take advantage of the power they have and abuse it. With this case of Michael brown and the officer Darren Wilson the media basically sending a message that basically police can’t protect themselves or shoot criminals because if they defend themselves then their view automatically racist or the bad person in the situation.


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