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Impact Toughness Of Metallic Materials

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The impact strength of material can be defined with a Charpy or Izod test. This experiment was did and developed in the earlier 1990. But the impact theory was not use directly in fracture mechanics calculations, it used continuously as a quality control method to assess notch sensitivity and compare with engineer materials.

This experiment has been doing in different temprechar. In that time same material has different pointers. We discover these pointers in different temprechar In the material. Its gives an idea about the impact of a material. Fiuer 1 grape is give information about these.

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Toughness is greatly affected by

  • Alloying compositions
  • Temperature: e.g.

Titanic ship wreck

  • Heat treatments
  • Strengthening mechanisms


The toughness of a material can be defined as the ability to absorb energy during plastic deformation. The pendulum testing matching is used to measure the different of potential energy of the pendulum before and after impact.

Materials and apparatus:

  • Chirpy impact test mechanic.
  • Medium carbon steel.


  • Firs three metal mile steals were cut a V-shape notch using by notching device. These mile steals were same to gather. Then three of these mile steals were taken to in 3 temprechar.
  • The free swing should result zero in the scale (Figure 2). Then one of mile steal should be mounted on a center in notch.
  • The pendulum was raised to the preparation position and lock in place.
  • Raise the pendulum up to the “preparation” position, then lock the pendulum it.
  • Release the pendulum after the arrange mile steal. Then stopped the pendulum using the braking system.
  • Then also measurements were taken bye same method
  • Also the morphology of the fracture surface was captured.

Impact toughness of material experiment was done with different temperatures. The mile steal is broken different results in various temperature gives five results. In the high temperature the mile steal unbroken it is acts like a plastic material in the experiment 113˚C temperature mile steal is unbroken. But V-notch is broken half. The broken surface look like broken plastic surface. In that temperature ductility is increase than room temperature cut surface.

Ductility is a characteristic of the steel. It is give the protection for the steed. The definition of ductile is ability to pull as a wire. That is particular chrematistic which is cause to stretch the steel. However duality is get different values for different metal. And also ductility is limited value to the metal.

Also in temperature -9˚C and room temperature mile steal was broken. When the temperature is down ductility is decrease than 113˚C temperature. And also it has than room temperature mile steal too. It has in ruff surface in cut point surface. The low temperature mile steal cut surface ruff than room temperature cut point surface. The high temperature had unbroken, but there have small broken that just joint together, it likes broken plastic peace. That cut surface have smooth surface than other two mile steals.

The definition brittle ability to break. It is the measurement about the strong of the steel. If brittle value is small that steel is weak. If brittle value is higher that metal is strong. Even though brittle is characteristic is same for all other material also not only steel.

Decrease the brittle in 113˚C temperature mile steal, but the -9˚C and room temperature. Then we can get an idea about the mile steals act with temperature in high temperature ductility is increase and when temperature decrees ductility is increase. And also brevity is descries when the temperature is increase. In the pendulum-testing meshing when the pendulum hummer in stop pointer the hummer have pretension energy.

That energy use to break to the mile steal. That energy converts to kinetic energy that energy absorbed to mile steal to broken to the mile steal. When the pendulum hummer in stop pointer the scale tum to zero then hummer is release the scale tern to scale point. That experiment very useful to understand to select a material to many uses. As a example titanic ship, when in that time engineers fail to the test that experiment in that material. Engineers say that ship not slinked but they miss to lot at low temperature, that the reason they forget.

Then like this experiment it was to be test before build thing beacons the selected material beacons the temperature strong building not enough strong to other temperature. The current British stranded for chirpy testing is best iso 148-1:2009 and the American sanded is ASTM E28.


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