Impacts of Ar/vr in Healthcare Augmented Reality

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Augmented Reality is the most important disruptive technology at present- It can remodel the healthcare operations, diagnosis, therapy, and treatment processes to help the doctors and patients. This technology can extremely improve surgical work-process, patient safety, and results in better patient outcomes. Huge amount of time spent on supervising work can be saved and doctor can have a hands-free approach to patient data when they are dealing with the patient.

Most of the people are afraid of blood test because nurse may have a difficulty to find the vein for the first time or May able to do the procedure in a torturous way. Nurses can easily find the veins with the help of Augmented Reality (AR) by using handheld scanner that will project over the skin and showing the doctors and patient where the veins are present in the patient’s body. If we are curious to know how medicines are working and what are their benefits, then reading description in medicine cover or any syrup bottle we can’t able to understand the medical terms and so that we will get bored about the description. By using augmented reality, they can able to know how the drugs are working in 3D format in front of their eyes instead of reading description. In medical factories, without any training to the workers they can able to do their work with the help of augmented reality which guide them how to do and what to do. So the AR reshaped the traditional working system in medical factories. Augmented reality helps the doctors in efficient way. They are doing invasive actions or seeking a tumor, AR healthcare applications help to save lot of lives and treating the patients.

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Holo-Anatomy uses Holo-lens for displaying real data anatomical model which is a wonderful and efficient use of which AR possess many benefits than traditional methods. Implantation of retina may give back the vision to those people who lost their vision. If there exist any problem in heart, then doctors suggest to take medicines or if the condition is worse, then heart transplantation may occur. Unluckily, the number of heart donors is more when compared the number of recipients (heart patients). For this problem, they usually preserve the organs in cold solution and then transport to the patient when it is necessary. But in some case it may get damage to the heart while preserving and it may be unused. To overcome that a new process has developed called “warm perfusion”, it can have the capable of keeping the heart ‘beating’ and lungs ‘breathing’ for a long time so that it can be accessed by the doctor for the later use. Digital Multi sensor contact lens used to measure the blood sugar level. And also digital contact lens can able to do augmenting, for example, if we want to turn the pages in e-book it can be done by blinking an eye. In this developing technology, just imagine 3-Dimensional anatomical information displayed on the top of the patient, combine this with the AI algorithm will produce the images on the patient in a real time, also it will give the anatomical information as well as imaging in operating field.

Doctors used Google glass at medical center. For that huge QR code is stick to the walls and doors in the room of patients. When the doctor entered the room, it scans automatically and Google glass transfers the records and information related to the patients. This system also used to allow the doctors to keep an eye-contact of the patient. Patient feels difficult to explain their problems to the doctor accurately. For that, by using apps like Eye-Decide that contain the camera to display the conditions about the person’s vision. It analyzes the patient’s Cataract or AMD (Age-Related Macular degeneration) and helps the patient to know the symptoms about the problem and alert them before condition becomes serious to save their life.

Virtual reality: The person admitted in a hospital (hospitalized) or visited to someone, he can able to notice that the environment in the hospital makes the patient anxiety, bored and uncertainty. This situation which may lead the patient to often being in distress and pain, also not well in physically and emotionally, feeling as an isolated person. Instead of healing environment, it feels like bio-psycho jail cell. Some research team has discovered that this kind of problem can be solved by using virtual reality (VR).

VR device makes the patient feel like they are away from the four walls of the hospital room and get into the virtual world so that they feel distress, emotionally positive environment. By testing VR for some of the problems like shoulder pain, pain from infection, foot pain etc. It was noticed that VR works on all types of pain and it was surprising that is it doesn’t work for everyone but when it started to work, it really works without specifying the type of pain. By researching, it was found that 24% of pain was reduced only after 10 minutes of using Pain ‘RelieVR’ which is one of the special visualization created by Applied VR. By wearing the VR headset, surgeons can able to treat their patient’s brain or body virtually. Psychologist said that VR is good for diagnosing post-traumatic stress disorder. Not only the psychologist but also stroke doctors, pain specialist etc. Using VR as it is useful. And also 3D glasses and video screen gives the similar experiences as VR.

Virtual Reality (VR) playing an important role in medical field by separating the conjoined twins. Usually separation of twins would be complicated and dangerous for their lives. Before the surgery, by taking MRI scan, CT scan and ultra sound, have to collect a clear detailed virtual model about twin’s bodies. And then identify the risks inside the bodies using this VR and makes the planning accordingly. Because of sedation and anesthesia, there may occur any problem to patients who are frightened. In this case, hospitals are providing VR headset to the patient to control their pain during surgery. VR reducing fear for the patient suffering from cancer during chemotherapy infusions and also it makes the children to distress while injecting or any other surgery. According to the report, during surgery patients who are playing the game (through VR) analyze less pain compared to others who are not playing games. Actually VR hijacking the attention of minds and moving it towards more pleasant world. A special program that is using virtual imaging technology that converting the Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans into 3-Dimensional images. Some problems like if any patient’s heart become enlarged and cannot able to deliver enough oxygen to the bodies in such a critical case they need to have a open heart surgery to get a new valve. The 3-dimensional technology helped them to make a single incision. By viewing the CT scan in 3-D, they are knowing that they have enough space to work in it. VR suits for pregnant ladies to cope up with the labor pain and not to get frighten during delivery time. It also suits to the patient who is suffering from chronic pain to forget the pain during surgery.

Telemedicine and remote monitoring provides more flexibility and centricity for patients. Progress in Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality provides the surgeons to make a good decision and to recover the patient. Tele-health technology is used in many hospitals and it will give benefits to patient. Tele medicine toolkit that helps to analyze the present practices of hospitals before producing the telemedicine program. For children, during blood draws VR headsets reduce the anxiety and pain by using app in which kids can choose the avatar will entertain and gives relaxation. Normally a clinician will prescribe medicine to the individual patient according to the patient’s conditions. ‘The Virtualist’ (a new type of provider) will come out to fulfill this role. The virtualist will get trained in clinic and other technologies such as MR (Mixed Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) etc. Will examine and determining the patient’s accurate VR prescription. By using VR goggles, we can enter into the hospital and get questions from doctors, nurses and other hospital’s staffs from one place.

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