Impacts of K Pop Wave to Young Generation in Vietnam

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Impacts of K Pop Wave to Young Generation in Vietnam

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Despite being second only to US-UK pop, Korean Pop or Kpop is sill the leading force of Hallyu in Vietnam. It was initially imported into Vietnam in 1990s and started booming and spreading in 2000s with outstanding boyband groups namely TVXQ, Super Junior, BigBang,…Owing to its popularity, the most common question has been raised:" How does the Kpop Wave contemporarily influences the Vietnamese Young Generation? The aim of this essay is to point out and analyze the positive and negative sides of the Kpop wave that affects the youngsters.

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Heretofore, the Korean government is only interested in conducting strategies for creating and substaining a strong domestic cultural industry. However, when the government is aware of the Kpop's sweeping effects on cultural exchanges, legislative changes and promotional policies has been speedily carried out to increase export-rate of Kpop. According to Park Min Young( The Korean Herald), The Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced a substantial budget increase for ‘hallyu' – the Korean Wave – promoting Korean arts and culture abroad. An East Asia culture and arts creative city programme was launched in 2014, between Korea, Japan and China as well as Vietnam. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will form a 12 billion-won ($10.7 million) fund to support original South Korean musicals and establish a K-Arts Academy to help create new sources of cultural products. Recently, The Korea Center has held a series of events in Hanoi to mark the 10th anniversary of its opening( KOREA Magazine, 2017). The events were held from No. 18 to 26, including an exhibit of Korean and Vietnamese lacquarware at the Korean Cultural Center's gallery called"Layers of time". In this event, local residents stand a chance of experiencing the Korean traditional clothing, Korean traditional paper, Korean food and Korean's indigenous's alphabet, Hangul. Erik, Hanh Sino( the Vietnamese singers), Kim Jong-su(The Korean magician) and K.will( Kpop singer) also took the stage as well.

Furthermore, the Korea music entertainment industry is seriously considered as a typical example for the Vietnamese one. In general, the continuous "landing" of Kpop singers in Vietnam has a positive impact on the national music. The appearances of Korean artists are the beneficial lessons by which Vietnamese singers can review themselves. Ai Phuong said that participating in the big event with Korean stars helped her learn a lot for her career, not only the style of performance but also the operational way of Korean popular music idol. Vietnam is studying from the bigger and more developed entertainment industry to find its own way. The Vietnamese music market has recently started introducing professional entertainment companies to train and manage artists such as St.319, WePro, 6th Sense (a company run by Mr. Cao Thang) or M-TP Entertainment. This is the first step to professionalize the entertainment industry in the country.

In addition, the training model of Vietnamese companies is also orientating the same process as Korea. The results of this process are the groups, the singers are Korean style as Monstar, Uni5, Suni Ha Linh.

On the other side, K-pop is currently wasting youngters' time as well as affecting their education. Statistics illustrates that over 50% of fans among the young generation is crazily interested in Kpop singers and set up plans to attend the K-pop concert if they have both time and money. Some of them may be distracted from schools or universities due to class absence.

Additionally, K-pop music, in some circumstances, shows sexual images to audience. Thanks to media, listeners easily get accessing these negative sides and see the singers wearing short clothes which give innocent people lecherous image. For example, the dance of "미쳤어" sang by Dam-bee Son showed the scene that girls were wearing short skirt and sitting on the chair twist their legs with sexy smiles. K-pop let singers to emphasize the sexiness because it will attract

In conclusion, most people are impressed by the rhythmic melody, fashionable dance, good looking singers, and well-trained performance which meet the demands of Vietnamese audience. Kpop is on the way to develop day by day and its benefits may outweight drawbacks

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