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Implementation Of Augmented Intelligence in Different Industries

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The world has changed to a great extent in the past century. Augmented intelligence has substituted the primitive method of work hence reducing time span of accomplishments. However, with the arrival of augmented intelligence people think of it as a human substitution too. While on the contrary the said thinking of majority is wrong. It is not the replacement of humans but rather augmented intelligence is the improvement of human capabilities, where decision is made on the basis of the data humans have initially given to the program. It processes the relevant data and makes decision accordingly on probability bases, in order to reduce time needed for lengthy calculation and interpretations. In today’s world augmented intelligence has been adopted across a variety of industries, which has enhanced the data analytic system. It has resulted in a great impact on various fields by creating more job opportunities and has made a lot of tasks simpler. It is expected to function by adding more value to human performance in the future.

As technology is transforming progressively, this will also expand the use of augmented intelligence, which will ultimately become need of the hour. By the adoption of augmented intelligence everyday tasks have become productive and innovative, this has reduced the time and cost which was required previously. All of this has influenced the real world to transform into a digital layout. Augmented intelligence is used across various fields. Scientists and researchers are using it to validate their assumptions and thesis. This has created further jobs possibilities and has set a wide scope for the future too. Marketers are making a good use of augmented intelligence by providing their customers the access to virtual reality. Today 60% of the purchasers like to shop at online stores that offer augmented reality, than ones that don’t. The consumers use augmented intelligence to have an overview of the products they want to try, such as change in color. This allows the customers to have a brief knowledge of how the product will look and work for them. Moreover, it has substituted the admin and paperwork. This can be alleviation for the employees as they never again need to squander on the administrator work, rather they can contribute their time on something productive.

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So, future belongs to augmented intelligence. In the coming years the use of augmented intelligence will take over most of the labor toil. It will be implemented in almost every field, from automotive transportation to research labs and to gaming centers. It will transform the world and will turn out to be more useful. Therefore, organizations and businesses today should not refrain from augmented intelligence as the competition is increasing rapidly. However, if any business kept away from augmented intelligence they will diminish their opportunities and productivity.


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