Implementation of Epic at Yale New Haven Hospital

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Epic has been signed in the year 2010. The collaborative sections were started in 2011 April. It started when a surgical case was stopped because a small child has found eating a small piece of the record paper. They wanted to prevent and got the idea of implementing the EMR. They have variety of information technologies and variety of GE applications to ensure the better patient care in the health systems. The epic mainly comprises few hospitals like Bridgeport Hospital, Greenwich Hospital, Yale New Haven hospital, and epic has also been implemented in the Yale medical groups so that the faculty practices at that are community-based primarily practices that are part of the healthcare system. There were few challenges faced during the implementation of EPIC like the Lisa Stump disagreed with the technical side getting up again is the easy part dealing with the organizational alignment, the standardization, and the behavior changes have been the more challenging component.

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  • Lack of qualifications among Subject Matter Experts
  • Poor management of user involvement
  • Poor training in the system
  • Lack of ownership of business-critical components
  • Domain-specific components incompatible with Epic
  • System deployed without proper testing
  • Vision does not create win-win situations
  • Insufficient organizational change management
  • Clinical and administrative content not being optimized.

They have really worked hard to overcome these issues by putting their patients first on checking the system and workflow design with patient safety, service excellence, and the highest quality of care as our driving forces. Standardized workflows are sought, and change management tools and necessary resources assigned to effectively manage and adopt change. Standard design is optimized Enterprise-wide objectives versus an individual unit or department objectives. They adopted the Model System. Epic software and model content is implemented with a very limited configuration unless there is a significant clinical, regulatory and/or business case to do so.

Many people participated in the vision of epic. Everyone is under the direction of Daniel Barchi, CIO, Steven Schlossberg, CMIO and Lisa Stump, Vice President, Epic Project Director, our Epic team has been assembled and is being housed in our project headquarters in Stratford. Over 100 people have been recruited to the Epic team from across the health system and the external market. The team is composed of application specialists, trainers, report writers, technical support, managers, and leaders. Additional positions are actively being recruited to bring our full complement to approximately 140 team members. The team will receive extensive training and certification at the vendor’s headquarters in Verona, Wisconsin. The core team, with support from the vendor, will partner with physicians, clinical and operational staff and leaders from across the health system, the school of medicine, and the community in a collaborative effort to design and build the Epic installation

The strategies that are used implementing the EPIC are as follows, the purpose of developing in stages is to achieve a high degree of control throughout the project's developmental period, prevent potential project mismanagement to which any project can fall prey, and gain the trust of the project participants. The developmental techniques, used to create successful solutions, are based upon over twenty years of experience gained from working with organizations. Traditional approaches to software development are based on the popular Waterfall and Spiral models, which fail to meet the needs of modern business. EPIC combines the strengths of these two models -- providing the benefits of milestone-based planning (Waterfall) and the flexibility of the iterative software development process (Spiral) – and extends it with prototyping and frequent project team meetings.

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