Academic Challenges Student May Face:cheating and Academic Dishonesty


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In my case, I had performed plagiarism in one of my analysis for a class. I took another’s work and just changed around the wording of this writing into my own. I did not cite or give credit to where I had obtained this information from. It is important for one to not take another’s hard work because I cheated myself out of the opportunity to learn and I was being dishonest to the university. Academic dishonesty affects me because then I am not actually learning anything. If I am dishonest it is taking away from learning new things and taking away from my knowledge. If I am dishonest than I am only cheating myself. This affects other students because they are actually learning and putting in the work and I am just cheating my way around it. It is unfair to other students who actually put in the work compared to me who is cheating my way through the assignment. My plan to never violate the student conduct away is to fully understand and read through all of the policies. I will fully understand so that I never do something dishonest again. I have informed myself of all possible misconducts one honesty and dishonesty. I will plan when to do all my work so that I will never be rushing or have to do something last minute that would cause me to have to take another’s work. It is not fair for me to go around the bus while other students work hard on every activity. Even when I work hard on everything else and everything else is my own ideas, that does not justify me being dishonest one time.

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Academic honesty involves the students submitting work that is not theirs and without inclusion of the cited sources in their work. The academic situation is mostly aware that it is not always possible for students to come up with their own original work and therefore, allow the use of other people’s work in form of direct quotes or paraphrases only if the original author is acknowledged correctly. Academic honesty takes different forms and aspects in schools and colleges. Academic honesty is considered important because if a student or coworker takes ones’ ideas and words than one is not learning or contributing to their own knowledge.

Therefore, high levels of honesty should be respected to in order to ensure quality reports and assessment of the student’s abilities and potential. Students commit academic dishonesty when they engage in activities such as cheating, dishonest conduct, plagiarism and collusion.

Cheating takes different forms of regulations controlling formal or informal examinations are violated. For instance, an example is copying or taking someone else’s work during an exam. Sharing one’s answers with another during exams, or submission of other people’s work, as one’s own original work. Unfair benefits from cheating could also be taken on students when they commit dishonest conducts like stealing examination or answer keys from the instructor. They are taking the actual test and causing them to know the questions and answers prior to the actual exam date. Desperate times and procrastination can cause some to take desperate measures and students are capable of doing anything to submit their assignment on time.

Such cases have been reported severally and they can be classified as dishonest conduct. Students who try to cause a change to official academic results without following the actions laid by the respective academic institutions commit dishonest conducts. Attaining the answers before the actual exam or altering records after documentation principals to low academic standards.

Plagiarism is the form of violating academic honesty and defined as intellectual theft. The crime comes in when one makes use of another person’s findings or words, without giving the proper credit to the original source. Plagiarism takes the form of stealing other people’s ideas or words and the form of use of another’s work without crediting the source properly. The sources mentioned here include articles from electronic journals, newspaper articles, published books, and even websites. The internet has become a way in which information is easily available and convenience. The same provides a temptation to the students to copy and paste another’s work. The sentences are compared and any of them found matching in a particular percentage is classified as plagiarism. Academic institutions use this software to ensure that students do not copy directly, and they appropriately acknowledge their sources.

The forms of academic dishonesty and methods of prevention discussed above are only general descriptions. However, they can be discussed additionally into way that are more specific forms. This would help improve the values of education in academic institutions through academic policies by that certain institution. Academic honesty is crucial to the growth of a country’s economy because honesty defines the character of future graduates. Without academic honesty the human population will never grow from what we know, and we will never learn anything knew. Everyone would just be copying one another with no new ideas. That is why research is so important to have honesty so that we can learn something new that works. We need new ways to know and do things always and that is why we need academic honesty.

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