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Importance of Being Open Minded

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The way people think of anything economy, opportunities, and other things. It can also change the course of someone’s life, these people, e.e. cummings, The Roots, and Sonia Sanchez all show that having an open mind can really change the world. Sonia Sanchez and e. e. cummings are writers who give amazing examples of mindset. The Roots are an amazing band that knows how mindset changes people. e.e. cummings, The Roots, and Sonia Sanchez all showed that mindset changes Thoughts, Actions, and perspective.

e.e. cummings really shows how people’s mindset can change perspective and having an open mindset describes being. e.e. cummings tells us that not everyone has the same meaning of home in the quote “For the benefit of those who can’t imagine what the word “home” implies, or what home could be like” (cummings 17). This proves that people have different meanings of home. It shows that people have different mindsets because of this. If everyone had a fixed mindset we would all have the same meaning of home.

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The Roots show how mindset changes people’s thinking and description of things around them. The song “What’s going on?” talks about reality and the positives and negatives of the world. In one line he talks about how the world makes him feel. “At times I feel stranded on this planet of mine, now I should pull the hammer, clap it out, and laugh about it” (The Roots 45-46). The Roots mindset allows them to explain how they think the reality is and how the world and humanity as a whole.

Actions are really influenced by thought mindset and Sonia Sanchez gives perfect examples of this. In her story “Norma” she shows how Norma stands out and has a future for success “She was heavy with white petticoats as she questioned, “Whatcha wanna know Sonia?” … “I want to know the factor of problems so I can do my math homework” (Sanchez 57-58). A solid example of having a mindset that influences actions. The teacher isn’t teaching kids any information for homework so Norma took over and teaches her the necessary information to complete the homework.

So as we know now Sonia Sanchez, e. e. cummings, and The Roots show that mindset can change perspective, thoughts, and actions. e.e. cummings saw that people have different meanings of home. Sonia Sanchez shows that mindset can influence actions by doing what’s right. The Roots shows how mindset changes thoughts and thought processes. In conclusion, mindset can really change you as a whole person and influences people. 


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