College Education as a Necessary Part of the Education System at All

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Good Education is the Key to Success in Life

Education is a process of learning and reaping knowledge. Education is the base of anyone’s life. Education is one of the most important and crucial parts of our life. To be successful in life, we spend our maximum time educating ourselves. According to my opinion, college education is a way to understand the things that we learned from 1st grade to high school. School education aims to understand the basic things that we have to use in life. And the college education aims to learn how to sustain and grow in life.

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Now the question comes why college education is so important in one’s life? Let’s talk about the benefits we get from college education. For a successful career, everyone needs college education as college education provides a sense of responsibility, awareness and freedom of thoughts. College life is a stage where every student dreams to be once in their life time. Life at college is a time when we decide our career. College is a place where we manifest all our dreams and goals. It’s time to accomplish our dream and choose innumerable paths.. We can be a good programmer or can work for any non-profit organization. Here the point is that we are free to endeavor new things and no one is going to forcefully control our decisions. College education gives the freedom to choose our careers in interested fields and build confidence. It provides us numerous career opportunities, builds our confidence, and perception. It edifies us a sense of responsibility and helps us to open our mind. It also upskills various important aspects of career and life. And let’s not forget the part that it also helps to improve our communication skills.

Education and Responsibility

College education provides numerous career opportunity. There are basically two types of job – private and government job. Private Job is the job where we enter the corporate world and there are no companies who recruit their employees on completion of 10th grade and high school. Every company seeks for e graduate or post-graduate employees. There are some government jobs available after 10th grade and high school but they are not high paying jobs and those can’t be anyone’s dream job. A high paying job in reputed position in government and private sector is the goal of many people. To achieve that goal college education is a very important and crucial part of life.

College education helps to build our confidence and understanding. College education boosts up the level of confidence in students. In college we are free from the strict disciplined environment like school. Discipline is very essential in school for students. It helps the students to finish their school with good marks and edifies the significant values of life. On the contrary colleges don’t have strict rules as they are in school like wearing the same uniform, tugged in shirts or similar hairstyles for girls. In many colleges, there is no specific dress code for students. Here students don’t have the need to carry the burden of heavy bags filled with books lunch box or water bottle. College changes the way a student thinks, observe or analyze things. It gives them a different perspective as compared to schools. When we join college we get a feeling of accomplishment. It’s another phase of life which is not less than a victory. College gives us an environment to interact with different student and different thinking. And it upsurges our confidence and understanding. In schools, we hesitate while answering question and debates because we are not much confident. On the contrary in college, we get opportunities and exposure to our thinking. So, accounting above points, I believe that college education is very essential for everyone to acquire new experiences and opportunities.

Now let’s put some light on how college education develops a sense of responsibility. I was such a mess at my school days and had zero sense of responsibility. My parents used to scold me for my recklessness. I used to attend the classes but not every time listened to them carefully. That was the time when I used to least care about my career or future. When I entered college I started participating in fests, events and started exploring things. That was the time when I decide which career to choose and started preparing to achieve that goal. School education teaches us the basics but college education teaches us lessons of life and introduces us to the real world. College education is completely different from school education, the professors are not much concerned like school teachers did. They don’t force us to study, attend lectures, and do homework, etc. They just take the class, after that it’s all over us to learn it or not. And this way, we become responsible and start attending classes with interest. In school, we used to attend classes, study, do homework because we were afraid that teachers will scold or punish us for being a defaulter. College education upskills us to learn independently in our subject of interest. It provides the freedom to choose the subject of our interest. In this way, we develop a sense of responsibility towards our studies career and future.

College education gives us the freedom to choose our own path and career. In college, we meet different people from different cultures, countries, and mindset who are alike in some aspects. In college, we come across various things to analysis such as classmates who come from different areas and cultures. Some of them are brilliant in subjects, some of them are great in sports, leadership and some have a good grip in programming. So, we get a perception that no matter how brilliant or bright we’re in the subjects, but there are other people too, who are sharp in other fields. Here we get an environment to compete. The consciousness of competition helps us to achieve our goals and be the best. When we see people with similar interest and hobby, we get attracted. People with similar interest create a company.

Here I want to share my experience, I was interested in writing and coding area and I found some friends with the same interest and we shared our career aspects and knowledge with each other. There were many other students who were interested in singing, dancing, sports and other activities. Our college had different activity clubs for the students in their interested areas. They joined the club of their interest where they shared their opinions and ideas. When we connect to the people of our interest and share each other’s opinions it helps to improve and have a grip on communication skills. In this way, college education provides knowledge about career and life and communication skills.


At last, I want to conclude that college education helps us to analyze the companies we keep and then we know which company will benefit us in the long run. College education encourages students to grow high and accomplish their goals with proper guidance of a mentor College education teaches and upskills us the practical lessons of life which nobody can teach us. College education trains us how to survive and cope up with the real world by giving us practical and theoretical knowledge. It also upskills how to sustain and grow in life.

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