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Existence of Aliens

Life on earth is filled with the galaxies of mysteries. The fairytales of green horrifying creatures have been told for ages to the present. It’s said to believe that these living things have small-bodied with glossy enlarged hairless heads and dark black eyes. They’re known as Aliens, most asked question is “are we alone in this universe”.The extraterrestrial life was discovered in the 20th century. Many individuals called them “alien planets”. Over two thousand years ago, the ancient Greeks disagreed with this statement that life existed on other planets. With time scientists backed up all their information to convince the media that life indeed did occur elsewhere. In the early 15th century painting with Virgin Mary had many people wondering and debating. In the backdrop of the painting it shows a man and his dog staring up at a hovering disk-like object, that looks very recognizable. With many ancient cave art paintings to Sanskrit Scrolls, all appear as alien life. Either this is fascinating evidence or just the human tradition of conspiracy theorists.

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Despite the great assumptions, there is a place where the government works on secret missions. It is in Nevada, named Area 51, it got its name because it is said to believe there are 51 different areas all designed specifically for the main purpose. Many people argue that the work they do there is to find out more about aliens. The government didn’t classify the area until 2015 which made people start to question even more. In 1961 there was a young couple who claimed to be abducted by aliens. Afterwards they made a book about their experience in detailed form. They claimed that one night it was very lonely, and they felt like a light in the sky was following them. When they returned home, they noticed that they were dirty, their watches were broken, and no memory of what had happened during the drive for two hours. The couple got help from a psychiatrist then revealed a story: they were big gray creatures with large eyes had walked them into a metallic disc as wide. Later then erased their memories. This has been the first ever widely spread story coming from the people and not the government. Afterward, the couple had to find special care of their mental state with problems like dreams and developing anxiety. Hypnosis was one specialty that helped them find out what happened that night. After 1965 the story was picked up by a Boston Newspaper, later this was turned into one of the greatest movies and bestselling books. Movies about aliens became a huge hit afterwards. In 2005 an anonymous source sent a series of emails to a UFO discussion group led by the US government employee Victor Martinez. The emails exposed the existence of an exchange program between the US government and the epons, which are from a planet called Serpo it is a planet in the Zeta Reticuli star system. The source revealed that he was retired and at some point, had participated in this program, it originated from two UFO crashes. First being the Roswell incident that occurred, one of the seven crashes survived, and that came with information on their home planet and many possible discoveries that made it possible to start this exchange program on the Aliens. This program found volunteers to send to this undiscovered planet for human existence and survival.

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In conclusion, no, we are not alone, there does exist life beyond this planet with the rest of 250 billions of stars. The research for extraterrestrial life continues with new mysteries discovered every day. We know the government has a big impact on what society can know about their discovery of aliens.

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