Importance of Explaining Carbon Footprint to Children

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If we walk on the beach you will place a footprint on it and also when you walk on the mud you will place a mud footprint just like that though we do not see there is a carbon footprint we place on the earth by the activities we do. Every kid should know about this. The release of carbon dioxide which is also known as CO2 by vehicles and from fossil fuels keeps a carbon footprint on earth. Carbon dioxide is identified as a greenhouse gas. Therefore, the release of greenhouse gases is known as carbon footprint. Hence this is a universal problem which is need to be solved with the help of all men, women, children and all beings. Explaining of Carbon footprint for kids is important to reduce it. This article will help to identify it and how they should work in order to reduce the size of the CO2 footprint they place.

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Total amount of carbon dioxide released into the environment by any individual, industry or community is known as carbon footprint. This definition clearly says that it is done by the whole community. It is not something done by one individual so the whole community should participate in order to find a solution for this question. Therefore, kids should understand that the activity they do too can affect to maximize the carbon footprint in the world. So, every small kid is important to reduce it. Therefore kids, the video game your playing may emit some amount of carbon into the environment. Will you believe this? Its impossible right? But every activity we do such as watching tv, freezing, switch on of lights and other electric appliances like computer, fridge, oven, washing machine etc. can lead to this problematic situation. So, this is not something inevitable but it is something which can be reduced. It is better if your carbon foot is smaller and you have to take certain measures in order to make it even smaller.

As we mentioned above each and every person or a kid should participate to reduce the carbon footprint that they place on their mother earth. There can be a great part that can be played by students in informing their parents about the situation and also their own participation on reducing it. So, given below are certain measures that can be followed by students in order to reduce the carbon footprint.

The main form the students can play is as messengers or informants. They can make the elders know about the current situation in the world. Teachers should make the students know about this problem and help them understand where they lead the world into. Once the kids/students understand they do they will definitely ask their parents or the elders to stop what they do. So, if one house starts to reduce the carbon footprint by them, this will positively impact the whole community.

Second option is to maintain a school garden. How many times are you walking into the supermarket or to the shop to buy your daily needs? How much ever the time you go there you must be using a transport method so it emits a lot of carbon into the environment. Moreover, the products that are in the market have come along a long way into your nearest supermarket using various means of transport such as land or air therefore it has emitted a lot of gases on their way too. Hence if you grow a home garden and a school garden you will definitely find solutions for these problems and help to reduce the global warming that we face today.

The school canteen is also emitting a lot of carbon into the environment. This might be a joke to you. No this is the sad truth! School canteen may be the best place in your school life but if you change your best place as the school garden this will do a great change in your daily life. And this will impact not on your mental peacefulness but also it will be a great help for the whole world. So, start changing yourself to change the world.

Recycling can help to reduce the carbon footprint. Once you burn any waste materials it will emit a large amount of carbon dioxide into the environment but if you start to recycle your school’s waste materials this help to reduce the carbon footprint of your school and you. So, start to separate the recyclable items in separate bins and recycle the possible items while composting the other. Moreover, you can use them as a compost on the school garden or pack them and sell them to collect funds to the school. Try to make your school more eco friendlier with the help of your principal and teachers by replacing bulbs with LED bulbs or placing a solar energy system. Try to reduce the consumption of electricity as possible.

Many organization and associations have helped to make people aware about the present situation. Not only elders but also the kids and children should pay much attention of this problem. However, it is important make people globally aware about this situation and ask them to measure and calculate the carbon footprint that they have placed on the earth. Thereby they should take necessary steps to decrease the size of carbon footprint that they have kept. If the governments of each country held awareness programs to calculate carbon footprint or even to make one aware about the path that the world is leading to, it will be a great help to the whole world.

By referring into all the factors described above its clear that each and every person should engage together to reduce this great problem. Not only elders even the kids should help to overcome and reduce the carbon footprint. Allow your kids to read articles on carbon footprint for kids and make them aware about the current situation. And kids try to make your parents aware about this issue. Some countries imply taxes on vehicles that emit carbon but this is not the best solution rather than implying taxes, try to reduce the carbon footprint by each house or by each individual. Hence each one of us should unite together to reduce our carbon footprint. We should pay much attention on our daily activities then calculate the carbon footprint and understand the areas which you emit a large amount of carbon thereby reduce it. So, lets unite together to reduce the size of our carbon footprint! Lift up your foot and check the carbon marks on it and try to wash them off by using eco- friendly and environment-friendly methods. Hold your hands with elders and parents to support the world to reduce the size of each and every foot that prevails carbon on it. Go green today!

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