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Rich people have all the money they need and can buy everything they want but sometimes it’s not enough. Money can never truly make someone happy even though with all that money they can buy anything and everything they’ve ever wanted, sometimes what they truly deeply want is just true love and affection which is something money can’t get them. If they have loads of money they either work quite a lot or they’re famous either way theirs not lots of time spent with friends or family as if they’re famous. They might always be on tours, recording, meetings, and if they’ve gone from being top the job top the charts to going bankrupt or a better company which everyone decides to choose instead, or their publicity crumbles and fall of the face of the earth. Their life slowly starts going downhill or if they used to own a big company and start going bankrupt and running out of money.

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Just because they have all the money in the world and can buy what they want when they want and don’t need to worry about their bills or running out of money. They can spoil their kids, friends, family, grandchildren as much as they want they will never run out of things to do. The bad thing is they can over spoil their kids, grandchildren and they’ll start to not appreciate what you get them if they’ve had loads of money from such a young age they’ll just expect and expect and not appreciate anything.

It might buy you everything u want but it will never buy true love because if u spend your money on the loved one they might not have feelings for u they might just like the fact you spoil them and might expect a gift every time you see them, and if you’ve fallen and hit a bad place in life thye7y might to start to buy loads of drugs or alcohol every night but one night it might be dodgy stuff or you might get alcohol poisoning and you could end up in the hospital or even worse in a morgue which will bring pain to your family that you turned to drugs or alcohol, or if you start to realize certain people are only still friends with you because of your money it might be people who you thought were really close to you it might hurt u enough to turn to drugs or alcohol.

Like winning the lottery you go from having either barely any money or a wee bit of money to having loads of money some people take it too far with the money for instance there’s a story of a hospital porter who won 10 million but he was only getting paid £150 a week for the hospital job, with that money he gave nearly 1million to his ex-wife and spent an extraordinary amount for the wedding with his second wife he shared 3 million with his family so with only 6 million left he invested 4million into a football club then when the club went into administration it bought a downfall for him as he had promised to pay off their debts and guarantee them loans they then took him to court and he lost he had to sell property to cover his costs this all happened in 1917 and by 2009 he could hardly afford food there’s also stories of people winning it and saying it was the worst thing that happened to them in their life, there was a man who won 5.1 million he said it was like a dream he said the money was going to change their lives he took his family on amazing holidays bough cars, boats gave cash hand-outs got a house with a luxury five-bedroom mansion with a steam room a bar and a pool on a daily basis he spent £4,600 a day but 3 years after he won he was reported broke and on benefits, because of going from having loads of money to nothing again some of the people even committed suicide

My opinion is that money can buy you the world but sometimes having loads of money can buy a bad thing because you don’t want to overspend or over spoil, yes it is good to have money and not need to worry about bills your family eating or any of that but sometimes you don’t need too much money instead of any or too much. Money can’t buy you wealth or your family to properly love you it can buy fake people but not people with real emotion for you, some people with loads of money turn to drugs or drinking, and one day they might just take it too far and end up dead or in hospital with damage to their liver failure or kidneys, heart problems as I’m sure you’ve heard of famous people who seem the happiest overdosing because they’ve taken it too far because they’ve felt they had no one true to them 

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