Importance of Integrity and Honesty in Human Life

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Talking about personal values, I feel confused, because I never think about it deeply. But everyone has personal values even they don’t even know that. Some personal values are respectable, but others are disdainful. I would like to list five personal values of mine.

To be objective. It means seek truth from facts. It seems easy to do this, but in fact, from the birth, people's understanding of the world is with a certain bias, affected by the parents or the environment that people liv in. Even for the same object, it can be totally different because of the variety of the people’s cognitive value and meaning. It is important for a person to develop a correct mentality values to face mistakes objectively and neutrally, don’t be preconceived, nor being influenced by the opinions of others. Being calm and rational is the premise and foundation to develop oneself. I can’t imagine that a person who is always subjective to observe the world can have a correct sense on life and values.

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Diligence is a virtue, industrious people are always respected. Being laborious is especially important for us college student. Life is a kind of labor, to live a full life requires hard work, we must shoulder this responsibility. No matter in the university or the family, diligence is needed all the time, diligence will get good results, the bread we get using our diligence is always sweeter. The family will be in good order with diligent consecration, happiness will come naturally. Diligent people always have more opportunities than lazy people in every area, god helps those who work hard. Many great people start to be great from a little thing. Even if we may not become great, but rich experience, will bring up our beautiful life. How to get rich experience? Lie in bed? Sit in the chair? The only way is to be diligent, dispense comfortable life. Be a diligent person, people around you will be happy for your existence, be a lazy person, others will be disgusted by your existence.

Honesty and integrity are the most important and common value guidance since the self-discipline law of eastern and western civilization came into being. They are the cornerstone of all human virtues. Person should be sincere, because only when a person sincerely live in this world, he can get others' trust, also can realize all the good and warmth in the world. If a person lives hypocritically all day, does not sincerely treat anyone around him, then his punishment is not to find people who can’t believe him, but he can’t believe the people around him, what is the meaning of such life?

Self-confidence is a stable psychological states that positively evaluates one's own quality and ability, namely the psychological tendency to believe that one has the ability to achieve one's set goals. Self-confidence is based on the correct cognition of oneself, one’s own strength of the correct estimation and positive affirmation. As for the self-confidence of the students, it mainly embodies in the following aspects: learning, mental, social, ability and so on. Such as: believe that you can learn, know how to learn and can seriously learn; Have a good mental state, even when facing difficulties.

Being healthy. When people are well fed and clothed nowadays, their desire for health becomes stronger and stronger. Health will become the basic goal of people in the new century, and the pursuit of health will become the fashion of all people. Have health, have everything. to have a healthy body to lift the burden of life, to enjoy the happiness of life. Once you lose your health, how long will honors, wealth, power and achievements be with you? When life ends, everything you have disappears. All the wealth and fame in life are “0”. Only good health is “1”. If you lose that “1”, you lose everything.

For me, I just want to be a normal person. I don’t need to be great, thus I will shoulder too many things. I just want to graduate, find a job in finance, become the middle in the company during my middle life. So first of all, I need to study hard to get a chance of participating in a job, social and the professional ability are the two most important factors.

As I mentioned above, integrity and honesty are important since ancient times. If I choose to be an accountant, I can’t make the fake bill, that is called integrity; if I choose to be a banker, I should protect the rights and interests of the customers. Integrity in collegeis similar to the integrity in career. Honesty is the foundation of standing. If a person loses his honesty, he will have no place in the society. Attach importance to integrity, often can get rich benefits in the economy; On the contrary, it will not only be morally condemned and severely punished by the law, but also difficult to obtain long-term economic benefits. Integrity is a door to success, we should be good to grasp it, let the honesty help, heading to success. Honest people will be loved and respected by others. So we need to foster honest in our student life until the last day of our life.

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